Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kingston: 3 months

As of 10.30.14
14lbs 8 oz 
He has blue eyes still but they are changing. They have a dark blue ring around the outside and lighter blue in the middle. In some light you can start to see a little honey brown coming through. Maybe they will end up hazel?? Only time will tell!   
His strawberry birthmark on crown of his head and back of his neck are both are getting lighter. 
His hair is growing on the top of his head and it's falling out on the back. 
Biggest jowls West of the Mississippi.
He still looks a lot like his daddy but when his eyes get really big he looks a little bit like his mama. His cheeks and thighs are continuing to get chubbier and chubbier by the day and I love it. 

Clothes: 3-6 month pieces fit the best. There are a few 3 month onesies that are long enough to still work but because he is so long we have to size up (especially in his pjs). Also, when he wears cloth diapers his tush is extra fluffy and he fits best in 6 month pants. 

Diapers: He is now in size 2 diapers. I didn't get the point that we needed to size up until we had a few days of blowouts. Thankfully we were gifted a diaper cake with size 2 diapers so we haven't had to purchase any yet. When we do thought we will go back to the target brand. They have worked well for us. We are also still cloth diapering during the day while we are at home and during short trips out of the house. We finally found the perfect fit for him in cloth and just in time for him to start daycare. We use Alva/JC Trade pocket diapers with 2 inserts - 1 CBI on top and a thirsties hemp on bottom. Kingston is such a heavy wetter so the CBI absorbs quickly and the hemp holds a lot and we've been really successful with this!

Shoes: Kingston wears shoes with almost every outfit - primarily 4.5'' moccs. They fit and stay on the best because of the elastic.  

Little man is still eating like a champ - if you can't tell by his chubbiness. He is down to nursing 6 times a day: 630a, 930a, 1230p, 300p, 630p, 830p.  According to Babywise - towards the end of next month we should be able to start merging the mid morning and lunch time feed to a late morning feed. At this time I might start introducing grains of some type so he can start learning how to eat from a spoon and how to properly swallow food. I will talk with the doctor at his 4 month appointment. 

 I'm continuing to add to my freezer stash and I'm up to about 275oz. I've started to pump only once a day during Kingston's first nursing session. At this time he one nurses from one side so I can get a full bottles worth from the other. When Kingston does take a bottle - he is drinking 4.5-5oz. I'm planning to try and make some lactation cookies here soon to see if they work. If they do - I'll add some to my lunch bag when I return to work. My goal is to continue nursing until Kingston is a year. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again - thank goodness for the principles of BabyWise and a good routine! Last month Kingston was sleeping 6-8 hours and now he is sleeping 9.5 hours consistently. When we are home (which is most nights), Kingston is asleep by 830p-900p but some nights when we are out late we just continue our routine when we get home. He's not asleep by the same time every night but he wakes up the same time each day - usually between 6a-630a. That darn internal alarm clock! Thankfully, he nurses and then goes right back to sleep in the mornings.

His night time routine: 
 Bath time, we lather him up with lavender lotion and change him into pjs, he then gets swaddled, nurses, we pray for him and then put down in his crib. Usually he goes right to sleep and sometimes we have to give him a paci. Thankfully, the only time he will take his paci is when he is sleepy and any other time he will chew on it and spit it out.I love that he's not dependent on it.   

Now that he is sleeping longer at night he isn't napping as long. In the morning he takes a 45 min nap, a longer nap after lunch usually 2 hours and then another short 45 min nap in the late afternoon. If I swaddle him during nap time he is more content and sleeps better but I know they won't do this at daycare so I'm trying to get away from it. We are working on transitioning him out of the swaddle during nap time and it isn't working so well. Little dude loves his hands by his face so sometimes he scratches himself or knocks out his paci and other times he startles himself awake.  

Rolled over from tummy to back.
Rubbing his eyes when he's sleepy.
Bringing his toys to his mouth. (Almost reaching for them)  
Holding his head up. 

Football games - in person (outside) or on TV.
Bath time and the otteroo
Worship music at church.
Walks and being outside. 

Car rides.
Getting put in or taken out of his car seat.
Being held in the cradle position unless he is nursing. He likes to see the world.  
His paci when he's not tired.

He gargles his spit in the back of his throat and blows spit bubbles by vibrating his lips.  

Kicking on his play mat. 
Standing up and playing in his exersaucer.
Spending time outside in his stroller. 

Bentley and Kingston still aren't friends. I'm hoping when Kingston becomes more active they will enjoy each other more. Kingston is also doing awesome at CT's football games. After that awful first game, he's been a pro ever since. As long as he has a change of scenery - in and out of his car seat carrier, walk during half time he's great. The weather is suppose to start getting cooler so we will see if that changes things.  

I only have a few more days full time at home with my baby before I go back to work. I'm soaking up as many moments and snuggles as I can before then. My favorite thing is when Kingston is with someone else and then sees me and gives me the biggest smile! It makes this mamas heart explode with happiness. I love being his mom. 


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