Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kingston: 9,10 and 11 Months

Forgive me for my tardiness but I've skipped a few updates so hopefully this post gets me back on track with Kingston's monthly updates. One one remains!

As of 7.8.15
9 months - 21 lbs (75%) 29 3/4" (95%) 
10 months - skipped = bad mom! 
11 months - 23 lbs and 31" - growing like a weed! 

These days his hair is a very light brown that sometimes looks blonde. It flips out in the back, flows in the wind on the sides and is lacking on top. He has a gorgeous light brown tan and the prettiest hazel eyes. He also has 4 teeth with a gap in the middle top and a slight underbite. 

Clothes: 12-18 months.
Diapers: Over these past 3 months - King has transitioned from a size 3 into a size 5. We are also on the largest rise setting in cloth diapers but no change with the waist snaps.
Shoes: He wears some 4c hard soled shoes and in moccs he can still fit his 0-6 months or 6-12 months. 

This kid is into eating any and everything - and as of today - no longer wants anything to do with 'soft' food. His schedule: 630a - nurse, 830a breakfast (yogurt and fruit), 1130a lunch (meat,cheese, fruit or veggie) 6oz bottle, 330p 6oz bottle, 600p dinner (meat,cheese, fruit or veggie) with bites of our food and then 730p nurse. 

For snack - he loves 'cookies' - the lemon cookies, vanilla wafers or vanilla biscuits. He also really likes the gerber fruit bars. 

I would say he LOVES: yogurt, all meats and anything CT and I are eating.

I would say he HATES: peas, plain avocados and any fruits with a outer 'shell' - cherries or grapes.

I'm still pumping at work but I've cut back to one to two times a day - usually getting 7oz or so. I also pump one side in the morning and get about 3 oz.  So between weekend pumps and during the week - I almost always have enough for his two 6 oz bottles during the day. My goal was to strictly bf for a year and I'm only a few weeks away. My goal is to continue the bed time nursing session for a while and mix breastmilk with whole milk for the next few months. 

This boy loves to go down at night - usually between 730p-800p and wakes about 600a-700a. Depending on what time he wakes to nurse - he will usually go back to sleep for an additional hour or 2. 

He still takes 2-3 naps a day - one mid morning, one after lunch and depending on his fussiness one around 4. Since moving into our new house and his own room - we have invested in blackout curtains and a box fan and he sleeps like a baby (pun intended!) 

It's the sweetest thing when he wakes up from any sleep - he crawls to the corner of his bed, starts talking and just stares at the door until we come and get him. We are always greeted with the sweetest smile and sometimes a kiss. 

Started crawling at 8.5 months, walking at 9.5 months and running (striding out) at 10.5 months.
He claps at the right moments.
He waves -- ALL the time and to everyone. 
Gives kisses and hugs. 
He high fives.
He turns off the lights.
He knows his name.
He signs more (his version is a clap but he knows the correct way) and he signs please (but instead of rubbing his chest he rubs an open mouth) -- too funny!
He has 4 teeth - with an underbite. 
He has also started to run from us when he has something he shouldn't. 
He throws balls with both hands and with pretty good form. 
Knows where your eyes and mouth are. 
Knows what a cow, monkey and horse say.

The TV remote.
All sports - in person or on tv. 
Bath time or being in the pool. 

People watching. He is such the awesome shopping partner sitting in the cart waving at anyone.
Playing with balls.
Reading books - hundreds of times a day. 
Music and DANCING to any and every beat. LOVES to 'flick his wrist.' 
Being outside. 
Women. Especially Asian women. And Aynslee.
His G-dub. 

Being in his carseat. 
Going down for naps.
Being told no - he growls back at us. 

Da-Da - all the time

Ma-Ma but will maybe say it once to every 300 Da-Das. 

Lots of extra gibberish. 

Playing in the water.
Reading books. 
Throwing balls. 

I know I'm leaving out so much that has happened over these past 3 months - but he is a totally a new baby. Really, he's not so much a baby any more but a little toddler. He's ornery and mischievous and 100% boy. 

CT and I have also learned so much these past 3 months. We've learned that wooden floors and learning to walk do not go well together. I think Kingston has hit his head more then a dozen times. We've learned to ignore his fake gags. We've learned to find the dog poo first or it becomes smashed and the best version of play-doh. We've learned that we are going to need a lot of patience and a whole lot of prayers to parent this strong willed/independent boy.

It's so crazy to think that we are 3 weeks away from his first birthday! 

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