Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm Just Me

Everyone loves to give labels to anything they can these days. Since becoming a mother though, I've noticed there is a crazy amount of motherhood labeling out there.

 You're a 'crunchy' mom if you cloth diaper or nurse on demand. 
You're a frugal mom if you coupon and use hand me downs.
You're a trendy mom if you make your own baby food and teach your kiddo sign language. 
You're an attachment mom if you co-sleep and baby wear. 
You're a strict mom if you have rules and a relaxed mom if you want to be their friend. 

I understand that labels are important to people because it lets us know where we fit in and in what category, but please know - I'm just me. A little bit of every kind of mom. I can't classify myself as any one 'type' of mom. In the three short months that I've been a mother, I'm trying all that interests me and sticking with what works.

 I cloth diaper because I love that it saves me money and that I'm saving Kingston's hiney from chemicals all day every day. I plan to teach Kingston sign language because I'd love to better communicate with him way before he's able to verbalize things. I also plan to make his baby food. I cook for our family so why would I not cook for him too? Plus, I got a baby bullet at my shower and I'm positive it will be fun coming up with pureed combinations for him! I also just purchased a ring sling because there are times I don't want to push around the stroller or lug the heavy car seat. You also better believe there will be rules in our house and probably spanks too.

I guess that classifies me as a crunch, trendy, attachment, strict mom.
Umm ... no. Please don't call me any of those things because. I'm nothing more then just me - a mom. I may be doing things different from others but we are all doing the same thing. Mothering. Taking care of our babies the best way possible. 

Give up the labels ladies. 

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  1. love this!!! We judge each other so much- it's good to be done with the labels!

    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  2. Amen!!! Love, love, love this post!!! King is a lucky dude..he has a fabulous Mama!!! ❤️


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