Friday, October 24, 2014

5 on Friday - - just kidding - - 10 on Friday

Friday is here again and these are my confessions . . . 
(read that in Ushers voice - it makes it so much better)

1. I confess . . . I might have almost sprained my ankle on our walk the other day. Those darn squirrels are cracking their nuts all over the place. 

2.  I confess . . . this week we have been working on unassisted naps in the crib and bottles in the evenings. This only means one thing - day care is right around the corner. :( 

3. I confess . . . the bottom of my feet are so crusty, I could probably snag the bed sheets or scratch CT with them if I tried.  Looking forward to our girls date Jenna! 

4. I confess . . . this time last year I had all of my Christmas shopping almost complete. With the rate I'm going, I'm not sure anyone will get gifts this year.

5. I confess . . . I need to start opening my bible more. I go in spurts of spending a lot of time in it and then I get off track. I'm looking forward to the She Reads Truth android app to come out to help with this problem. 

6. I confess . . . I find myself smelling every article of clothing ... and when I say every, I mean e-vv-err-y. I don't know what I did before I discovered Gain:Fireworks. It's a scent booster that you add to your laundry and it smells so divine!

7. I confess . . . ever since having a child my online shopping addiction has increased. I'm up to like 3 packages a week. 

2 of my recent purchases.

Moss slouchy beanie via Sugar Lime Lane.
 She's coming out with 14 new colors this week which is so dangerous for my wallet.  

The Sakura Bloom Ring Sling - Chambray Marin. 
Kingston loves being in it and I love wearing him! Plus, it's the perfect color denim. 

8. I confess . . . I will be a stay at home mom when the day comes and we have more children. Not only because of the extreme cost of daycare but I can't imagine someone else raising my babies. Sorry Kingston. We can't make it work at the moment but someday we will. 

9. I confess . . . I may weigh 6 pounds less then my pre pregnancy weight but this pooch has got to go. The tush I worked so hard for during all those years of volleyball is non existent and I lost it so quick, but the pooch I grew for 9 months won't go away.  Somethings not right. 

10. I confess . . . Kingston loves his otteroo and I'm sure your kiddo would too! Check out how cute this video is and then head over to their website with this discount code 25FAIRY2014 to get your own! 

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  1. I love my ring sling too!
    It is so comfortable!
    Dora is now 2 years old and sometimes we both need to be so close!
    p.s.: Great smile!

  2. Laughed out loud at number one because I've nearly busted it on our walks too! :) Your little man is such a cutie!

  3. I came over from Leslie's confessional Friday. Your newest follower
    Your son is so adorable <3

  4. Found your post from the Friday favorites link up and I LOVE your honest confessions! Your little family is adorable

  5. Love that ring sling! I bought one after my first but just couldn't get comfortable with him in it and went with a wrap instead. I may have to get it back out and girl it a whirl this time around!

  6. Haha! Love #4. I'm in the same boat, sister. :)


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