Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Being Grown Sucks

This past weekend my little family went back to my home town and spent the weekend with my parents and sister. My littlest sister is a sophomore in high school and as I sat and listened to her talk with her bestie, I had a moment where I missed being in high school. I missed picking out my best outfit and spending too much time on my hair each morning, I missed those lunch time friends - you know the ones who aren't your usual friends but the ones you sat with at lunch because you had the same class that day, I missed the giddiness of talking to a new guy and I even missed note taking and homework. 

Everyone wishes away those younger years and all your look forward to is being able to just 'graduate and be done with school and finally have a big girl job'. I know I did. Something I wish I would have told my 16-22 year old self  - sometimes being a grown up isn't all that fun. 
Sometimes making life decisions sucks.  

Right now I'm having to decide on which insurance is going to be best for my little family. How the heck am I suppose to know what type of coverage we are going to need for next year? Will we break a bone, get ebola or will nothing happen and all we need are our annual appointments? 

Insurance is confusing enough because of the various options, each with their own benefits. 

1. Low premium, no copays & pay everything out of pocket till we hit high deductible then most everything is covered after.
2. High premium, no copay & no deductible but pay 25% of almost every bill.
3. Medium premium, copays with medium deductible & medium % to pay after deductible is met.

Decisions, decisions! 
Last year we chose option 1 and it saved us a lot of money during Kingston's birth. We had our deductible met when it came time for his birth and then most everything was covered after that. We didn't have to pay a cent of our $16,000 hospital bill and now each doctors appointment costs us $5-$10. Needless to say we are getting everything checked out this year! 

I think we are leaning toward option 1 again because we have the option to use a health savings account which makes it less of burden when we have to pay big chunks at each visit. 
Which option would you choose? 


  1. I think the savings health plan too. Those huge co-pays kill me & somehow I always find myself in the doughnut hole where I end up paying more with months left. I don't like being an adult either. I say this every single morning at 5:45am when I get up for work. Happy Tuesday!


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