Monday, September 1, 2014

1st Month {Baby} Must Haves

There are a million and one posts like this floating around the web. I know when I was preparing for Kingston's arrival I logged on to Pinterest only to be bombarded with baby favorites. I was able to learn a lot and see what worked and what didn't for lots of mama's - so I figured I'd give my two cents for anyone who is interested. 

Here are a few items that have been essential for the first month of Kingston's life. 

These are the exact ones I use every time we put Kingston to sleep. As soon as he is done eating, I wrap him up as snug as a bug in a rug, burp him and then lay him down to sleep. I'm certain he sleeps so well because of these. 

I had so many mamas recommend these blankets to me, especially since I was having a summer baby. I took one look at the price tag and was not going to spend $40 for three blankets. Thankfully, I was gifted a 3 pack and I am oh so happy. They are light weight and the perfect super size to cover the baby or me if I need something quick when nursing. This blanket is a must have for us during every car ride, church trip and walk. 

CT and I have both been christened with our little mans urine and needless to say, we weren't using our football blocker at the time.  If you don't want to clean up the walls, the changing table and the changing pad - purchase one of these. And if you purchase it, use it! What good does it do when it's just sitting on your changing table? 

4. Munchkin LATCH Paci 
We love these huge silicone orthodontic pacifiers and so does Kingston. All the lactation people say don't give them a paci until they are at least 2 weeks old to make sure they don't get nipple confusion. Well we broke all the rules and gave it to him in the hospital. I love that they are soft and don't leave marks on his face and it's so cute to see him suck through it. 

We have this travel system in black and LOVE it!  We use the stroller daily whether we are visiting CT at the football field or when we go on all of our walks. It is so classy looking and functions great. When registering - the stroller and car seat was a tough one for me to decide on, and after a month of use I am 100% happy with our decision! 

6. Mommy Hook 
Of course I decided to go with a huge diaper bag and it doesn't fit so well beneath the stroller. This hook allows for it to hang from the handle bar and gives me easy access to it. Along with the diaper bag, I've hung multiple shopping bags from it and it holds it all. This product definitely makes life easier. I have it in black but they make it in so many fun colors! 

This wipe case is a necessity for our diaper bag. First of all it's cute and comes in a few fun patterns, and second of all it's compact and does a great job at keeping the wipes moist. We are thinking about cloth diapering (if I can get up the nerve) and I've heard this case is awesome for cloth wipes as well. It's a win/win.

We have had to give Kingston gripe water and gas drops on two different occasions and we used this pacifier to do so. He was able to take the medication at his own pace and we didn't have to deal with the dispenser and not getting everything swallowed. 

We actually have the lawn (which is bigger than the grass) and the cute flower on our counter. You can also purchase a twig or butterfly if the flower isn't your style. It is a fun/modern drying rack that has a lot of room for multiple items and its drying tray is easy to remove. If everything is going to be displayed on my counter, I'm glad it looks fun! 

10. Sleep Gowns 
Kingston has LIVED in sleep gowns his first month. We have tried ones from Carters/Gerber/etc. and they all get the job done. With as many diaper changes as we do, these gowns are so nice because I don't have to deal with snaps. My favorite ones are the ones that have fold over flaps on the arms to keep the hands covered.  

Hopefully this was helpful! 
What are your must have products?

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kingston: 1 Month

As of 8.28.14
9lbs 14.5 oz 
22 inches
Blue eyes. 
Strawberry birthmark on crown of head and back of neck.  
Looking exactly like his daddy but with my bottom lip/hands/feet.
Baby acne on cheeks and chin.
Craddle cap is almost gone. 
Clothes: still wearing a few newborn pieces but for the most part in 0-3 months.
Diapers: We went up to size 1 at about 2.5 weeks of age.
Shoes: We have a lot but we haven't worn any yet.

I call Kingston my little gremlin because this boy sure loves to eat. You know the song by Willow Smith - I Whip My Hair ... that's Kingston's theme song.  Except his is I Whip My Head back and forth as he goes in for the kill. 

My little boy is growing and gaining weight. He usually nurses every 2.5-3 hours during the day and every 3.5-4.5 hours during the night for about 20-25 minutes. For the most part he keeps everything down if we make sure to get out his massive burps. 

I have started to pump and build a small freezer stash. I'm going to kick it in gear soon so we will have a good amount stored up before my return to work in November. Kingston has taken one bottle from CT and it was the sweetest moment I've ever seen. See here.

He sleeps great during the day and at night until his gas bubbles wake him up. {I have never heard such loud noises come out of such a tiny human.} Right now Kingston is giving me a few 2.5-4 hour stretches of sleep during the night and he takes a few 1.5-2 hour naps during the day. 

We tried having him sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first two nights home and he slept awful. The following night we moved him to his crib and he sleeps so much better. It's a win/win for everyone. He usually naps in his crib as well unless we have visitors or daddy who enjoy holding him. Daddy's chest - stomach to stomach - is both of their favorites. 

If it was up to Kingston he would love his hands free and by his face. Unfortunately, he always startles and wakes himself up so we swaddle him to give him the best sleep possible. Summer Infant SwaddleMe Blankets are what we use and they work like a charm. 

Sleeping longer stretches during the night.

Being outside.
Looking at the fan.
Laying in mom/dad's bed. 
Car rides. 

Being cold.
When I change his diaper and have to mess with his circumcision. 
(He has a slight case of penile adhesion so we have to work at retracting the skin during diaper changes which is super uncomfortable for my poor little guy. His wife will thank me one day but it is the worst thing ever for his mama.)

Daycare has finally been decided upon. Starting in November CT will be taking Kingston to school with him and he will attend the facility at Southeast Highschool. CT will be able to stop by on lunch time or plan periods, it's super convenient and they don't charge for days when school isn't in session. After months and months of thinking and talking about it and interviewing providers, I'm so relieved we finally have something decided on.  


This first month has F-L-O-W-N by! 
Kingston and I have been spending many hours at home getting to know each other but we also enjoy getting out of the house. We have made frequent trips to CT's school for lunch and to the football field for walks. This upcoming month we will be doing a lot of traveling for CT's football games and Tessa's volleyball games. Kingston is quickly getting accustomed to the athletic lifestyle.

I'm looking forward to what this next month is going to bring us! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

5 on Friday - Football Edition

If you've been around a while you know we are a big time football family. CT coaches college football - so that makes me a football wife. Needless to say, our fall is jam packed with tailgating, Saturdays at the field, Sundays in front of the TV and the many boys of fall. 

1. Today is CT's last 2-a-day practice. No more 515a wake up and gone till 630p. Tomorrow is the RED vs. WHITE scrimmage and then next weekend starts their regular season. 
So much to look forward to! 

2014 Friends University

2. During all my middle of the night feedings - I've been doing a little shopping on Etsy for Kingston. Check out what I have coming in the mail. 

I am SO obsessed with leather moccasins. 
Kingston already has a grey,red,black and white pair. I might be going a little overboard but they are just too cute!

3. CT and I also found some football attire for Kingston last weekend at the mall. 

It's funny how I no longer want to shop for myself and I want to spend all my money on him. 
How times have changed!

4. CT's first two games are in Nebraska so I'm trying to find a way {enough courage} to make the trip up there with a 5/6 week old by myself. CT will be able to ride home with us but it would just be me and Kingston on the way up. I'm not sure I'm up for the challenge quite yet. The game isn't until 700pm so it would be a super late night and I haven't quite figured out what you do when there is a crying baby in the back seat of the car. Pull over on the side of the highway? I don't know about all that. 

5. How sweet is this picture? 

He doesn't really have 7 rolls on his tummy. This was one of those shots where the photographer had to mesh two different photos together. 
It's crazy what can be done with photoshop these days. 

Happy Friday!! 

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our Version - Babywise: Week 3

Prior to Kingston's arrival, I wrote about how CT and I wanted to try out the Babywise methods from birth. We have a really good friend who had awesome success with following it's principles and her little one was successfully sleeping throughout the night from age 8-10 weeks.

'Sleep training' is a very controversial topic, but I figured why not give it a shot and if we get sleep sooner rather then later, that's awesome! 

The gist of Babywise:
-goal is to be sleeping through the night by 7/8 weeks
- feed every 2.5/3 hours (but if your baby becomes hungry sooner - feed them)
- eat (full feedings), wake time, sleep 

Ever since my milk came in, Kingston has been on a great schedule of becoming hungry at the 3 hour mark. It makes planning our day and judging his mood easy. There are some days, mostly in the evenings (his fussy time) when he will want to eat every 2 or 2.5 hours and we do so. I think of this as his cluster feeding time where he is hopefully getting more calories to help him sleep longer at night. 

I like to think of the Babywise method as a routine and less as a schedule. We have no real start time and the times he eats each day aren't consistent, but we do have a routine we follow.

The last few days here has been Kingston's routine (3 weeks):

(going through a 'growth spurt' = more hungry then normal)
600am - eat/wake/nap
815am - eat/wake/nap
1100am - eat/wake/nap
130pm - eat/wake/nap
330pm - eat/wake/nap
600pm - eat/wake
(fussy - fighting sleep - no nap)
815pm - bath/pjs/eat/sleep

1245am - eat/ sleep
415am - eat/sleep
730am - eat/wake/nap
1030am - eat/wake/nap
130pm - eat/wake/nap
400pm - eat/wake/nap
645 - eat/wake 
(fussy - fighting sleep - no nap)
830 - bath/pjs/eat/sleep

1215am - eat/sleep
400am - eat/sleep
630am - eat/sleep
915am - eat/wake/sleep
1245pm - eat/wake/sleep
(out visiting CT for lunch so little longer then 3 hours between feedings)
400pm - eat/wake/sleep
615pm - eat/wake
(no evening nap because we were at Friends volleyball game)
845pm - bath/pjs/eat/sleep

100am - eat/sleep
430am - eat/sleep
700am - eat/wake
(no nap - tummy time & swing)
915am - eat/wake/sleep
1130am - eat/wake/sleep
130pm - eat/wake/sleep
415pm - eat/wake/sleep
615pm - eat/wake/sleep
830pm - bath/pjs/eat/sleep 
1230am - eat/sleep 

 Kingston is going about 3.5-4.5 hours between feedings at night. Usually in the evening he eats sooner then the 3 hour mark because this is his fussy time, he doesn't want to nap and I figure I'll keep his belly more full in hopes he will sleep longer at night. 

Right now he naps about 1.5-2 hours at a time, but the older he gets the longer I will try and make his wake time so his naps will get less. 

I'm not 'super strict' in following the Babywise methods, but for the most part we have a pretty good routine going and I'm getting a few good stretches of sleep at night. 

What I'm working on now is getting Kingston to fall asleep the first time after he is put in his crib. At night he's good at falling right back to sleep, but for nap time he likes to be held/rocked to sleep and then sometimes wakes up when we put him down. It's crazy how every day is a learning process and I'm working my way through trying to find out what works best for us as a family. 

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