Monday, October 27, 2014

Not My Fave: Part 2

Last year I talked about my extreme dislike for Halloween. Everyone who knows me knows it's not my fave - it never has been and it probably never will be. 

I don't like dressing up in costumes.
I don't like scary or demonic movies. 
I've always been awful at carving pumpkins. I mean last year I glittered and bedazzled pumpkins because I'm that awful at carving. 

You get the gist . . . I'm not a fan. 

 Even though I don't like it, I'm working on not becoming the scrooge of Halloween. I'm trying to be a good sport and participate in all things Halloween. 

I've let CT pick Kingston's costume this year and he is still deciding between a spider and a Chucky doll. Typical guys choices. I'm pretty sure he's leaning more towards the doll, so we shall see what I can come up with! 

This weekend we also went to the pumpkin patch to find one for Kingston's 3 month update and a Pinterest project. 

Yes it's the same project you've seen everyone post on Facebook and Instagram. You know the one where the cute baby sits in the pumpkin with their legs sticking out of two bottom holes. I've heard a few people say it's been a Pinterest fail so all I'm hoping for is one smile out of him!

Maybe my views on the holiday will change once Kingston gets older and more involved. From the looks of things below, Kingston isn't a fan of Halloween either. 
Like mama like son.

Happy Halloween week! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

5 on Friday - - just kidding - - 10 on Friday

Friday is here again and these are my confessions . . . 
(read that in Ushers voice - it makes it so much better)

1. I confess . . . I might have almost sprained my ankle on our walk the other day. Those darn squirrels are cracking their nuts all over the place. 

2.  I confess . . . this week we have been working on unassisted naps in the crib and bottles in the evenings. This only means one thing - day care is right around the corner. :( 

3. I confess . . . the bottom of my feet are so crusty, I could probably snag the bed sheets or scratch CT with them if I tried.  Looking forward to our girls date Jenna! 

4. I confess . . . this time last year I had all of my Christmas shopping almost complete. With the rate I'm going, I'm not sure anyone will get gifts this year.

5. I confess . . . I need to start opening my bible more. I go in spurts of spending a lot of time in it and then I get off track. I'm looking forward to the She Reads Truth android app to come out to help with this problem. 

6. I confess . . . I find myself smelling every article of clothing ... and when I say every, I mean e-vv-err-y. I don't know what I did before I discovered Gain:Fireworks. It's a scent booster that you add to your laundry and it smells so divine!

7. I confess . . . ever since having a child my online shopping addiction has increased. I'm up to like 3 packages a week. 

2 of my recent purchases.

Moss slouchy beanie via Sugar Lime Lane.
 She's coming out with 14 new colors this week which is so dangerous for my wallet.  

The Sakura Bloom Ring Sling - Chambray Marin. 
Kingston loves being in it and I love wearing him! Plus, it's the perfect color denim. 

8. I confess . . . I will be a stay at home mom when the day comes and we have more children. Not only because of the extreme cost of daycare but I can't imagine someone else raising my babies. Sorry Kingston. We can't make it work at the moment but someday we will. 

9. I confess . . . I may weigh 6 pounds less then my pre pregnancy weight but this pooch has got to go. The tush I worked so hard for during all those years of volleyball is non existent and I lost it so quick, but the pooch I grew for 9 months won't go away.  Somethings not right. 

10. I confess . . . Kingston loves his otteroo and I'm sure your kiddo would too! Check out how cute this video is and then head over to their website with this discount code 25FAIRY2014 to get your own! 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Product Review: Otteroo - LOVE IT!

Let me preface this post:
 no babies were harmed or upset in the process of making this post. 
Kingston LOVES the water and the freedom the Otteroo gives him.   

CT had a friend on Facebook post a video of her babe in the Otteroo and naturally my first instinct was 'What the heck. That can't be safe or fun for that kid'. After the initial uneasiness of it wore off, I became more intrigued. CT kept talking about how much Kingston would enjoy it because he loves bath time - so I reached out to Otteroo and before you know it we had one coming in the mail. Both CT and I were super excited to get it so you better believe we got Kingston buckled in the moment it arrived. I blew it up while CT got the video camera ready!

What is an otteroo you ask? An otteroo is an infant flotation device that helps transition babes from the womb to the bath and then from the bath to the pool. It's ideal starting from 8 weeks till 35 pounds. 

The otteroo was super simple to maneuver. It took 2 seconds to blow up and then it stretches horizontally to easily fit around your littles neck. It comes with a cushioned chin rest and two simple clasps to keep your little one comfortable and secure.

Obviously, there are hazards like any water device: Don't leave your child unattended in it. Check for proper tube inflation before placing your child in it. Make sure both clasps are secure to ensure it stays secure around your babies neck. 

 At 12 weeks I can tell Kingston is enjoying the freedom it gives him and his favorite thing to do in it is kick off the side of the tub. Right now we are getting 5 good minutes nightly during bath time, but I'm sure before long he is going to outgrow the bath. I'm really looking forward to next summer when we can use it at an actual pool!

 So far we've gotten comments like 'he looks frightened' and 'what is that thing'. 
Ya it may look funky but my child loves it! 
Good job Otteroo! 

For being a CAF reader, you can head over to their website right now and receive 25% off until Nov. 1 using code 25FAIRY2014. 

I hope you little enjoys it as much as mine does! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm Just Me

Everyone loves to give labels to anything they can these days. Since becoming a mother though, I've noticed there is a crazy amount of motherhood labeling out there.

 You're a 'crunchy' mom if you cloth diaper or nurse on demand. 
You're a frugal mom if you coupon and use hand me downs.
You're a trendy mom if you make your own baby food and teach your kiddo sign language. 
You're an attachment mom if you co-sleep and baby wear. 
You're a strict mom if you have rules and a relaxed mom if you want to be their friend. 

I understand that labels are important to people because it lets us know where we fit in and in what category, but please know - I'm just me. A little bit of every kind of mom. I can't classify myself as any one 'type' of mom. In the three short months that I've been a mother, I'm trying all that interests me and sticking with what works.

 I cloth diaper because I love that it saves me money and that I'm saving Kingston's hiney from chemicals all day every day. I plan to teach Kingston sign language because I'd love to better communicate with him way before he's able to verbalize things. I also plan to make his baby food. I cook for our family so why would I not cook for him too? Plus, I got a baby bullet at my shower and I'm positive it will be fun coming up with pureed combinations for him! I also just purchased a ring sling because there are times I don't want to push around the stroller or lug the heavy car seat. You also better believe there will be rules in our house and probably spanks too.

I guess that classifies me as a crunch, trendy, attachment, strict mom.
Umm ... no. Please don't call me any of those things because. I'm nothing more then just me - a mom. I may be doing things different from others but we are all doing the same thing. Mothering. Taking care of our babies the best way possible. 

Give up the labels ladies. 

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