Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gift Season

I feel like gift season is in full effect. Between the multiple baby showers and birthdays going on, this lady has done some serious giving lately. 

Good thing I LOVE it. As much as I love to celebrate my own birthday (month) and enjoy receiving gifts, I love giving them even more. I truly enjoy spoiling others and I will find any occasion to do so.

My mini me -aka- my younger sister Tessa has a bithday coming up. As I was on Pinterest the other day I came across a really cool journal that I thought would be fun for a 14 year old. Shoot, if I had the time to do it, I would love to have one too. 

Check into it a little more. On each page is a different activity to get your creative juices flowing. 

"Write one word over and over." page from Wreck this Journal
-write one word over and over-

Wreck This Journal

-doodle over top of this page and in the margins-

wreck this journal | love!!

-poke holes in this page using a pencil-
(all photos via pinterest)
What makes this journal so awesome is that everyones interpretation of what it is asking you to do is different, so no two journals are alike. I think along with the journal I'm going to get her some colored sharpies, highlighters, and pens!
It's hard to come up with gifts that are different and that she doesn't already have. Lawd knows she has more clothes and shoes than she needs! 

I just got back from Paisley's 1 year birthday party this afternoon. For everything this little girl has been through in the past year - she is such a sweet blessing to be around. She is such the fighter and makes my heart so happy. 

Ct and I have a thing for always gifting bows and nike attire to all the little girls in our life! 



When the time comes and I have a little princess - that will be her go to outfit. Nike shorts and a bow in her hair! 

Speaking of that - I only got asked 2 times today when our time was coming. After you have been trying for a while, what's the right answer to that question? Day by day that question is becoming a dreaded one. More on that to come.

Be looking out tomorrow for my Easter OOTD. I went shopping this morning and I'm super exited to put it all together! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Goodies

Happy Friday ya'll! TGIF! 

Things are getting super busy at my work right now. With the changing of seasons - everyone is wanting to get in to get all their cosmetic needs addressed: a little botox, laser hair removal, and some liposuction! 

Anyways, Good Friday has got me in the mood for some goodies. If only these goodies were flattering for my figure.

Oreo Bites Brownies !! 

Pinners says: Claims to be the best Snickerdoodle recipe. I liked them better than my own They aren't as flat and they were a lot more chewy than most recipes. 

YUMM! All these sweets are making my mouth water, especially the snickerdoodle cookies.
 Do you have any indulgences and if so what are they? My husband and I  has a huge sweet tooth so I'm always looking for some great new recipes. I also need some more options for when I'm instructed to bring a dessert dish to family functions. Thankfully, we are going out to eat for Easter dinner so that makes me safe until the 4th of July.

Have a good Easter weekend!

Link Up: The Nail Files

SHELLAC - what did we do before you? You absolutely complete me.

I use to be an avid nail biter all my life, but ever since I started working at the spa my hands have blossomed some long, beautiful, strong nails! All thanks to Shellac and Shelly - my amazing nail technician. 

Today I am linking up with Tara at Fabulous but evil.

The Nail Files Link Up 

I was a bridesmaid a few weekends back and I needed something pretty and simple. I brainstormed with Shelly and she came up with the PERFECT nude! 

CND Shellac -  1 coat of Iced Pearl and then 2 coats of Romantique.

Like I said, the PERFECT nude. A nude with a hint of pink, but what I really like is that you can still somewhat see my free edge underneath. 

Plus, all things are better with a little glitter!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tiffany's Thursday Thoughts


What a l-o-n-g week it has been. I am SO thankful tomorrow is Friday. After being gone to Hawaii for 2 weeks, coming back to work and having 2 grown up snow days, and then the last 2 Friday's in a row being off for a dr's apt and going out of town, I forgot what it was like to work 5 days in a row. Hopefully someday I will no longer have to work 5 days a week or better yet, what ever I'm doing won't feel like work. Anyways...TG(tomorrow)IF!

On a more EXCITING note... a big shout out and thanks to Beautiful Dawn Designs and Carrie Loves for the tutorials on how to add pretty social media buttons to my side bar.
I'm loving how it turned out!

I have been itching for a total redo of the blog, but until I fully commit to getting one designed this addition of the buttons will do.

I was informed today of an extremely affordable gal who creates super cute designs. Erin over at Love, Fun, & Football has a flat fee of $30 which I will someday use to recreate this mess I have created.

Blog layout design.
Intro button with image & About Me section.
 Social media icons.
 Custom navigation bar/tabs.
 Labels for gadgets.

What a steal! I think making the investment will motivate me to do better!

Check out these amazing business cards I am drooling over. 

Chevron business card digital file - We customize, you print (PDF or JPG high resolution) 

Chevron business card digital file - We customize, you print (PDF or JPG high resolution)

At the moment I don't really have a need for them, but I am throwing around the idea of opening up an Etsy shop. That would make these definitely a necessity then, right? =)

Maybe I should think of a name and fully commit to the idea before I order these beauties. 

Names I have came up with so far: TiffRoss Creations, TiffRoss Couture, Ross Rosettes?? What a big decision, and of course my usually creative mind doesn't work well under pressure! 

CT has his first Buffs baseball game next week. We looked at the weather this morning and the forcast says snow. =(( Fingers crossed that doesn't happen! It will be April by-golly and this snow stuff is getting really old. 

Well, its left over night in our household and I plan on watching the new episode of Grey's & Scandal followed by a little NCAA Shocker Basketball. 
Good luck Wichita State! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Link Up: Insta-Lately


This evening I am linking up with Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect.
  • 2 for $22 candles at Bath & Body Works. It's an addiction. I have to get some every sale.
  • My new KU shorts!  
  • Who doesn't love a little scripture to start your day?
  • How CT makes the bed and how I make the bed. I really shouldn't complain though, at least the pillows got off the floor and on the bed! 
  • My definition of 'work swag' with a little arm candy.
  • This is the true definition of hogging the controls.  
  • Making some custom grey and yellow pillows for Ashley with Events By Ashley!
  •  My grandma just past away, and I received her old sewing machine. It's super special to me because it's the same one I learned on as a little girl. I'm excited to start cranking out some projects. =))
  • The dress I wore for our wedding reception. Boy am I in love with this. I wish I had another occassion to wear an all white dress that's completely covered in jewels.
  • I went pole dancing for a bachelorette party, and it was the most fun and most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life. 

    Follow me on Instagram for more random life photos!  

Crafts Lately

A sneak peak of what's been crafting in my house lately. 

Pillows, pillows, and more pillows! You can spice up and room with some pretty pillows.

  Hair clips for little girls. Who doesn't love some feathers and fabric flowers? 

I recently just received my grandma's Bernina, and I'm super excited to make many of my projects pinned to my 'sewing' board. 
 Click here to see some of my favorite pins!

 On another note, I'm thinking about opening up an etsy shop to sell some of these beauties. Anyone have one already and if so, do you have some advice?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Will Do Better

Blogging. . . I will get better at it.

 It has been since June when I last blogged. How sad =(. Working 40+ hours a week is no excuse. There are many working women out here in the blog-world who are full time wives, moms, and working women who blog multiple times a week.

3 posts a week is my goal! 

Anyways, this past weekend we went up to KC for the 2nd round of the NCAA basketball tournament to watch a little RockChalk basketball.

A little snow, a little shopping, a little alcohol, and lots of bad food! 

Excited on the way up to KC! (We hardly do couple pictures. Another thing I need to do better at.)
Sporting our crimson and blue! 

Royal Skinny jeans- Gordmans. Gold sparkly Toms. Arm candy- namaste bracelet. Honora pearl bracelet. Stella&Dot bracelt. Gold chained bracelet from Gordmans. Gold bauble necklace from Groopdealz.
What a fun eventful weekend! My daring husband spotted some open seats and made us sneak down passed the guys in the yellow checking tickets. "Act like you know what you are doing and don't make eye contact." The wise words from my husband. =)
 We ended up sitting in row 7 behind the opponents bench, as opposed to going up into the rafters where our purchased seats were. CT and I were getting blown up on FB and through text message all game because each possession we were in perfect view for all of TV land to see! 
A big shout out and thank you to the Ole Miss coaches wives. We apparently were sitting in their row, and they piled their kids on their laps so we could continue to sit their the remainder of the game. 
What do you know, there are still some good people in the world these days.

 photo 7e86ad4e-07a3-445d-8963-92d366645ea5_zpse7d43ac2.png

 photo 21f9fe8d-6e54-4f93-bc4a-0433b34ba2e8_zps6140866d.jpg

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