Friday, October 31, 2014

No Candy on Halloween

Lets be honest . . . the only reason I semi like the holiday Halloween is because of the abundance of tootsie rolls given out. These were always popular in my neighborhood and I would try and trade anyone I could for them. I'm sure the only reason they were a hot ticket item at multiple houses is because they are far cheaper then the snickers and kit lat bars, and you get more in a bag so they can feed the masses better. Either way, that's my favorite thing about Halloween. How lame is that? 

What if candy wasn't what was given out when kids go door to door? 
What would you be excited to get instead of candy? 


1. Namaste Bracelets
These bracelets are the ones beaded by the women of Nepal. They come in SOO many different colors and no two bracelets are the same. I have a few from when I worked at the Pink Saloon but when they are being sold at $11-$13 a piece - I can't splurge as much as I'd want to. 


2. Bobby Pins
This is a duh for all females. I have purchased too many to count over the years and of course I can never seem to find one when I need it. Can I get an amen ladies? 

3. Toms 
Only the most comfy shoes out there. I jumped on the bandwagon and have since been converted to the simple slip ons. I have a few pairs of their classic style but I think I need to purchase some wedge booties for this fall/winter. 


4. Cans of Dr. Pepper
Because who doesn't love all 23 flavors? And if you are a Dr. Pepper drinker, you know that soda from the can tastes 100 times better than the bottle. 

5. Headbands
Ever since my volleyball days I have been a big headband wearer. Mostly the soft fabric kind or the hard plastic kind. I have found out through major trial and error that I don't have the correct shaped head to wear the elastic type - they just slip right off. 

These are a few treats that would make me enjoy this holiday better. From the looks of my list - I would probably need to go trick or treating down Park Ave. to ever have a chance at getting any of these. 

What would you rather get than wrapped sugar?

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  1. ohhh i could totally go for a dr. pepper! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I like those bracelets. Yes, i'm all for Dr. Pepper! This is a cute post. I use to be all about the kitkats. Now they've made the mini's & it's just upsetting. Haha. Happy Halloween!


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