Friday, August 30, 2013

Wedding Shoes from the 1920's to today - [By Kirstie]

Going along with the wedding theme, Kirstie with Elegant Steps talks with us today about how wedding shoes have evolved over the years. If you are shopping around for the perfect wedding shoes, check out Elegant Steps. 
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Arguably, your wedding shoes are the most important shoes you will ever buy in your life! You need them to carry you down from one end of the aisle to the other, and not only that, you need them to look striking, fabulous, and they need to compliment your dress. More and more brides are now choosing to have a vintage themed wedding, from different eras of the past century. You might be thinking 1920s Great Gatsby for your wedding theme, or perhaps even 1950s Grease themed! Either way, here’s a little information about wedding shoes from the most popular eras of vintage fashion, to inspire you and help you find your dream wedding shoes.


The bride of the 1920s was living in an era where women’s rights were emerging, and hemlines were rising. Previously, dresses covered the shoes, but now they were on display, so designers got busy making some beautiful styles. Most shoes of the era had a T-bar strap, often fastened with a cute little button, and the shoes were often inspired by the art-deco movement, so they involved a lot of metallic detail!


The shoes of the 50's were generally court shoes with a pointed toe, and a medium sized heel. Women of this generation were starting to experiment with higher heel heights than ever before, but shoes were comparatively simple with little embellishment. Occasionally, they featured bows and buttons, but more often than not they were in a plain color, but a luxurious fabric like velvet or satin. Simple wedding shoes from the 50's allow brides to wear elaborate veils and gemstone jewelry however!


The 1980's were an era that most would prefer to forget, but the wedding shoes had their own special charm! Most brides of the era opted for wedding boots, in a Victorian style with laces. They were often very pretty and elegant, and decorated with embroidery, ribbons, and brooches. You could try a modern twist on this by wearing some decorated riding boots for a quirky boho wedding!

The Modern Day Bride

If you’re not a fan of the vintage look, then the newest shoes, fresh off the catwalk from wedding designers are all about chic, clean lines, elegance, and a touch of sparkle. Either pick a pretty ivory style and embellish it with some shoe clips for extra dazzle, or go for shoes in a color that totally contrast with your dress (maybe a shock of bright blue shoes under a white dress!).

Are you having a vintage wedding?
 Which era inspires you the most?

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