Friday, August 2, 2013


I am so excited to kick off football season with this post! 

CT, my hubby, is a college football coach at our alma-mater Friends University. He was a receiver in college and is now the head receivers coach at FU, and he loves every second of it! His ultimate goal is to one day be an offensive coordinator at a big D1 school {hopefully KU}, and I will be here every step of the way supporting him. 

I was quite the football groupie {aka great girl friend} in college and I still am now as a coaches wife! 

Let me take you back in time a little bit. 

{Freshman year of college}

{Sophomore year of college}

Junior year of college CT tore his ACL one of the first practices, so he had to medical red shirt this year. 

{Senior year of college}

It's crazy seeing how much we grew up in those few short years of college!

Check out how creative I was with my fashion during our college football days. 

Sometimes I wish I could still wear these, because they are so cool.
 I love that my dad passed on the creative gene to me. 

I have the shirts saved away for the day when we have a man cave basement. I have already consented to it being decorated with all our sports memorabilia, so these will hopefully one day be framed on a wall. 

Now to present day football! 

I am looking forward to Saturday evenings under the bright lights, watching CT walk up and down those sidelines in his headset. 

I am anxiously awaiting Sept. 15th when we are going to our annual Cowboys game. Yes ya'll, we are die hard Dallas fans! 
{Don't you know, it's America's team. They even have a hole in their roof so God can watch His team. =)) } 

I can't wait to break out the skinnies and boots, for some fun fall football fashion. 

 {This is definitely not the type of football fashion I'm talking about!}

Can't you tell how excited I was about kicking off football season. 
SO excited - that I didn't have a clue where I was going with this post. 
Happy football season! 

PS - I hope you link up with us to showcase your football Friday posts! 

Love, Fun & Fotball

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. Awww, love this post! I bet you just love watching him coach... I know I would! What great memories you have together of when he played in college and it's very cool you still get to experience it on a different level!

  2. Yay!! Love this post! I didn't know you guys went to a Christian college- same here! :) Those pictures of you guys through the years are adorable!!

    Thanks for helping us link up!!

  3. You guys are too cute together! I'm totally ready for football fashion toooooo!!

  4. Stopping in from the link up.
    First of all you two are a gorgeous couple!
    That's awesome, you much be so proud watching him every weekend! Best of luck to him moving on up as far as coaching goes! That would be awesome!
    And I really love your shirts from college.
    Agree with everything here, except the whole Dallas thing. sorry ;-)

    1. Absolutely! America'sTeamCOWBOYS Always! -- Way To Go! Tiffany with your True Fan Support ...I happen to be from Wisconsin

      My Collegiate Study was at:
      University of Wisconsin - Madison ...Enemy Territory with the packers
      University of Maryland - College Park ...Real Enemy Territory with the "sports hated" redskins
      Liberty University - Go! Liberty Flames

      **My Dallas COWBOYS Objective Support has Only Become More Stronger living in other areas of Our Great Nation or America's Team COWBOYS Country -- smiles

  5. You made those shirts?! They are super cute! Thanks for cohosting! Boys will be Boys

  6. Love those college pics - you two are so cute! Good to know you won't be putting on the shoulder pads for watching the games!

  7. I love all those college pics. Y'all are so cute together. My hubs is a baseball players, but we met after college so I didn't get the chance to be a groupie aka amazing girlfriend.:)

    Jessa @ Life of A Sports Wife


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