Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crafting: Ring Bearer Pillow

At the beginning of this month I went down to Texas for my bsfs wedding, where I did a recap here. Succulents, burlap, moss, monograms, pastel colors = so pretty! 

She was freaking out a few weeks before the wedding because she hadn't purchased a ring bearer pillow or a flower girl basket. Luckily, I'm super crafty and I'm her friend so of course I volunteered to make her a pillow! 

I started with a trip to good ole Hobby Lobby picking up some burlap, twine, and some silk fabric to make the flower. Her colors were pastel so this peach matched perfect!

I then cut out 2 10.5'' by 7.5'' pieces from the burlap and some random cotton fabric I had laying around the house. I didn't realize the burlap was so see through, that if I wouldn't have backed it with another piece of fabric then you would have seen the stuffing. 

The finished pillow after I had stuffed it and used stitch witchery to close the gap. 

I then made the silk rosette flower, and then noticed it was missing something. I went to my craft room and busted out the vintage brooches I had.
 {my dad is an avid antique-r so he always finds me some goodies!} 

This was the original photo I sent her of the brooches I liked and thought went well. 

And what we ended up going with was completely different! 
{Don't mind the shadow. It's time for a legit camera and not just my phone!}

I added a twine bow which made it easy for the little may to hold on to and in case they wanted to tie fake rings to it.

This took me maybe 30 minutes and about $7. 
Can't beat that!! 


  1. How beautiful and special that your friend's ring bearer's pillow was made by such a good (and crafty) friend. These are the things that make treasured memories for the bride. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

  2. Hi !! Im new in grab a friend... :)
    Im now following u on bloglovin, instagram, gfc, twitter and pinterest... :)
    This is such an amazing DIY! Im in love with the brooches, lucky you! Ur dad knows how to pick them :D
    Hope we can stay in touch :)


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