Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Alphabet Weekend Warriors: C

I'm joining in with Kallie over at But first, coffee to showcase various date ideas using all the different letters of the alphabet. 

I was assigned the letter: 

Since Sunday's are usually CT and I's day to cram everything into, this day was no different.

I chose to do a day where I began with some alone time and then end with a day date with CT.

I started my day off bright and early at 6:45am and headed over to a little coffee and donut shop called the Donut Hole. 

They have all type of fun donuts: maple bacon, cherry cobbler, peanut butter and grape, smores, tiramisu, and so many more!

I chose to get the chocolate crunch donut and a coke.

Note to self: next time don't choose the chocolate crunch.
It's WAY to sweet!

I think I'm going to start making this my Sunday morning ritual, because it's only a block away from my apartment and such a fun environment. 
Maybe I'll start working my way through their list of wacky donuts! 

I then began to get caught up on my daily devotional. 
{I am doing the She Reads Truth - Women in the Bible daily devotional and I strongly recommend it to any and everyone!}

Before I headed home to get ready for church, I noticed that there were tons of carvings in the table and I couldn't leave without carving my initials. 

Reppin' TT, all day every day! 

I then went home and got ready for church with CT. 
This is where our day date begins! 

I curled the hair, and whipped out my go to cream shirt, and threw on the cheetah flats. 
{This is the part in my day where I knew I had taken this whole 'c' thing to the extreme, with trying to incorporate it into everything!}

CT and I then headed to church for an hour of worship. 

Our church is crazy.
How fun is this set?
 Living in Mars. . . I love it! 

After church, CT and I headed to Chili's for some lunch. 
Since we are cheap and had some coupons, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use them! 

I ordered a small order of cheese fries with a caesar salad and a coke, and CT ordered chicken fried chicken with corn

Their cheese fries are delicious dipped in ranch! 
{I looked into their calories just out of curiosity, and for just a half order of cheese fries they have 1230 calories! Wow!
 I'll make sure to skip these the next time we eat there.}

We ended our meal with our go to dessert at any restaurant, the infamous cookie.

CT said it was the best one he's ever had, but I think Old Chicago still has it beat. I would have taken a few less bites of it if I would have looked at the calories of my cheese fries prior to eating this. 

After lunch we headed to a place here in Wichita called the Cow Town Museum

This was my first time going and it was really interesting. 
Basically, it's a make believe town here in the middle of Wichita where you can walk through and see how things were back in the old days. 
They had real life churches, a salon, print shop, barber shop, theater, jail, etc. 

We went right when they opened and it was like we had the whole town to ourselves!

CT in the old fashion carriage

CT choking the turkey. 

To make it more life like, they had workers dressed up in old fashion attire to replicate how things were back in the day. 
This photo was taken after the gun fight in front of the saloon. 
He must have been part of the losing team, because he doesn't seem to happy!

CT locked up in jail.

They also sold concessions at their saloon and I couldn't resist getting a crush!

After cow town, we came back home for some afternoon cozy time
Who doesn't love a nap on a Sunday afternoon?

All in all, CT and I had a really good time!
He thought the idea was silly at first, but the more the day went along, the more he got involved. 

I did learn two things from today:

1. I need to invest in a nice camera for the blog because the phone is no longer cutting it. 
2. I'm super corny and cheesy when it comes to making a day around a letter! I'm pretty proud of myself for how well I incorporated it into the day. 

If you were to plan a day around the letter C, what would you do?

We still have spots available for Alphabet Weekend Warriors! e-mail Kallie @ butfirstcoffeeblog@gmail for your chance to join in on the fun!


  1. I have no idea what i would do! :) this looks so difficult. came by you trough the blog hop! see you soon i hope!

  2. SO MANY C's! I love it! Looks like you guys had a blast coming up with C activities!! Thanks for joining in :)
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

  3. This looks like such a fun day! And this post made me so hungry! Those cheese fries look sooo good as do the donut and that cookie & ice cream! I've been looking for a good devotional to start so I'm definitely going to look into that one! I'm loving all the alphabet posts!

    sundays grace

  4. Love all the C's you added in - I need to fund a donut shop like that around here! :)


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