Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Target Tuesday

Today I am linking up with Fabulous but evil to share some of my favorite target wants! Feel free to link up with her also. 

I am like any other girl who loves shoes! Everyone who knows me, knows I have quite the collection and that I take very good care of them! You should know though that I didn't start growing my collection until my feet had already stopped growing -- which to me justifies it =).  

I have learned that shoes can make or break an outfit and that's why they are my favorite accessory. Take a look into my closet. I have every color of boot (besides tan) and almost every color of tennis shoes! Being an ex-full time athlete these were what I wore daily! 

Don't mind my messy closet, there just isn't enough room for all my shoes! They are double stacked on top of each other and look horrible. Now with the flip flops - I should probably go through them and just trash some that are old and the ones I never wear. Ill just put that on the 'to do' list! Maybe I can put it off till it gets closer to Spring.

If you don't shop at target for shoes, you should! Very stylish, affordable, and a wide variety of shoes. Here are some target beauties that I would love to add to my closet. 

How amazing are all these finds? 
  • Shoe 1 - classic tan boot WITHOUT a heel so it would be work appropriate. I could wear them for 8 hours straight. 
  • Shoe 2 - I need a simple black flat that could go with anything. The bow is an added touch.
  • Shoe 3 - I have these boots in brown and LOVE them! They are so comfortable and I need a pair of gray heeled boots. 
  • Shoe 4 - Some cheetah flats. How do you pass up $12.99 shoes?
  • Shoe 5 - Some nude heels. So pretty and simple. They would go with any outfit.
Which pair is your favorite? Do you shop at target for shoes? I get so many compliments on my target finds, and people are always surprised when I told them where I found them! 


  1. I need to order those cheetah flats online! I've been looking for them in the store but can't find them! :(

    1. If you get them, let me know how comfortable they are!

  2. LOve those pumps! I need to splurge on a pair like that. Love the name of your blog

  3. Those slouchy heeled boots are TO DIE FOR!! Love them!!


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