Monday, January 9, 2012

Crafting: A Meal Plan

I don't know how some women do it. Take care of kids, make sure the house is clean, or work all day and then immediately come home and cook a healthy, hefty meal. I look up to women who can do all those things, plus more. 

As part of my new years resolution I wanted to become a better cook by cooking more frequently. Hannah, a friend and fellow blogger, just recently started meal planning for her family. What a great idea it is to make this a Sunday night ritual, so you can plan out dinner for the week and know exactly what you need to pick up during your weekly grocery shopping trip. 

I thought this idea would be a perfect for me to try, and hopefully it would help get me organized to make it easier to achieve my resolution. I searched the web for a weekly meal planner, but I ended up make my own version. 

So far our week is looking like this:

Monday-        Sphaghetti, garlic mashed pototoes, and grilled asparagus

Tuesday-       Help yourself night 
                   (Being a wife of a coach and to someone who has an extreme
                   love for all sports, we attend almost every Wichita Southeast
                   sporting event, so this night we will be watching Basketball.)

Wednesday-  Sausage breakfast pizza

Thursday-     Grilled chicken, salad, & turnips 

Friday-         Leftovers
                  (Basketball night)

Saturday-     Meatloaf, corn bread, green beans, salad

Sunday-       Family night
                  (Every Sunday we usually get together with family after church
                  for a late lunch/early dinner, where we go out to eat or someone
                  hosts dinner)

Usually, I make a dessert at the beginning of the week that lasts the husband and I awhile, but since we are trying to eat more healthy, sweets are a no go these days. In return, we have added another vegetable to almost each of our meals.  

What are your go to meals throughout the week? Feel free to leave me a comment with a recipe or two! I get stuck in a rut of cooking the same things, so I'm always in need of some fresh new ideas.


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