Friday, January 13, 2012

Meet My Men

I have two main men in my life that completely fill my heart with some much love and joy. With as much love I have for the both of them, I can't even imagine how much love I will have for a child someday! 

Meet my husband -

  • Christian - but for blog purposes we will call him CT
  • Age 25
  • He is my college sweetheart - met the very first week I was at college (2007) and have been together ever since 
  • He played football & I played volleyball
  • High school PE teacher 
  • High school Baseball coach, college football coach (head receivers coach at Friends University)
  • KU Jayhawks, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angles Lakers, & St. Louis Cardinals fan
  • Sports fanatic - And when I say fanatic that's an understatement. We have ESPN on constantly in our home and we attend either his high school or our alma mater sporting events weekly. It's extreme! BUT he is not a 'gamer' so I would take this over him playing call of duty any day. 

(this would be him as a 'superfan' - top photo was the guys dressing as women & the bottom was white trash night)

God definitely worked his magic and matched us up perfectly! We are each others best friends, we have so much fun together, and we compliment each other very well! I am beyond blessed! 

Meet My Son (Fur baby)-
  • Bentley
  • Age 4 
  • 7 lb Maltese
  • He is beyond spoiled 
  • He enjoys walks, spinning in circles when he gets excited, and playing fetch with him self (He has a cat ball that he tosses around the whole house)
  • He is way smarter than I give him credit for - When my alarm on my phone goes off, he knows its time to come up to where I am and get rubbed. When my phone ringer goes off and someone calls, he thinks its time to go downstairs and let someone in the door.  He hates when I put all his toys away in his basket. He will immediately go and get them all back out.
He brings so much joy to each of my days! Everywhere I go, he goes! Right now we are cuddling on the couch as I type this up. =) 

Someday I hope to add more men to my life, but until then I will spoil these two with all my attention!


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