Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Dream House: According to Pinterest

How amazing is Pinterest? The perfect place to plan for the house I don't own, the kids I don't have, but I am able to use it for recipes, crafts, clothing, gifts, ect! The past few nights I have cooked new meals, both from Pinterest and they are officially hubby approved - crescent pepperoni pizza rollups & white chicken enchiladas. I enjoy finding new recipes that CT will eat so we can change things up a bit. 

Anyways, my favorite thing to do on Pinterest is to pin for my dream home. My latest findings on Pinterest are - (<-- btw, you should follow all my boards =))


  • Picture 1 - If sleeping in this bed wouldn't make you feel like a queen, I don't know what would. How amazing and grand! 
  • Picture 2 - I love the floor to ceiling fireplace w/ stone & think of how fun it would be to decorate all of those mantels! CT would love the balcony over looking the living room. He already told me if we ever build he said it was a must.
  • Picture 3 - I usually don't really like gold, but these days the color scheme is growing on me. I love how the entire wall is tiled and it sparkles. 
  • Picture 4 - This kitchen has plenty of space for everyone, plenty of counter tops, and with it being white it looks so clean. The pops of blue is the perfect color for the accent walls.
  • Picture 5 - Since the outside of your house is the first thing everyone sees, I think it should be beyond amazing. How fun is this design in the yard? CT would love it because it would be less to mow (ha) but with the pink tree, it's to die for!


    I am linking up with the vintage apple to showcase some great Pinterest finds. How often do you pin for your dream home? First off I don't even own a house and I have such expensive taste and no budget for anything! Maybe I should start playing the lottery.


  1. Loving that kitchen! The blue and white are absolutely perfect!


  2. omg i love all those pins. seriously that bed is to die for! and so i that fireplace.

    following you now!

    1. It is beyond to die for!! Thanks for following. I'm now following you! Love your tattoo post. (I tried to comment on yours but for some reason it wasn't letting me. Idk why?)

  3. Look at that cool landscape! How pretty! It's something I always forget when thinking of a dream house, is the yard! Lovely pins! And cute blog !!

    The Magnolia Pair



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