Thursday, July 17, 2014

Padsicles to Soothe the Hooha

Have you heard of the amazingly awesome icepacks specific for your vag after birth? If you search padsicles on Pinterest you will find a million and one different recipes for these goodies. 

 Last week I went over to a friends house to make our own version of these bad boys! 

What you will need:

Overnight Maxi Pads (with wings)
Regular Pads (with wings)
Aloe Vera (I got the one with lidocaine added for extra numbness)
Lavender Witch Hazel 

I can't tell you how long I stood in the pad/tampon aisle trying to find the perfect pads. First off there are SO many different choices it's overwhelming and I have never used pads before so I really had no idea what I was looking for. 


*Unwrap pads
* Slather on aloe vera from the front to the back of the pad
* Dribble a spoonful of lavender witch hazel over entire pad
* Fold pad in half, hamburger style - making sure to keep the wings out 
* Wrap in foil
* Freeze until needed 

We used one of the super huge hospital pads, about 16 overnight pads, and then about 8 regular pads.

 According to my friend who has already been through this process - you bleed for quiet a while after birth (who knew?). These pads will help numb the area and help in the healing process. You will want to use one pad before you go to bed and one or two throughout the day - not necessarily every time it needs changed. 

Once you are healed you can switch to regular pads and keep these hidden away in your freezer until the next time. Since most of us are already thinking of the next time as soon as our hoohas heal, right? 

Be prepared to be frozen and hopefully pain free! 


  1. Why the aloe? I have heard of the witch hazel though. About getting ready to make mine up!

    1. Hi Courtney! From what I know it's suppose to have cooling properties as well as aid in the healing of your area down yonder. Every recipe I've come across incorporates it -- but I would suggest looking for one that has lidocaine added for extra numbness. =)

  2. I will have to google some more too :-) Sure am getting anxious and hopefully this will help with afterwards!!

  3. How did you end up liking these? Any changes you would make? I bought some aloe with lidocaine, will be using witch hazel, and maybe lavender drops if I can find my oil.


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