Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Hospital Bag

Since we head to the hospital tonight at 730p -  I figured this post would be fitting for today. I have asked all my closest friends and pinterested the heck out of what to bring to the hospital, and I think I finally have my bag packed for the last time. 

Here is my version (being a first time mom) of what's in my hospital bag. 


For Kingston:

- Two sleepers that open at the bottom with coordinating hats and socks
(I like these because they have the sleeves that fold over to cover their hands which means no need for gloves.) 

- Going home outfit with coordinating socks 
(an outfit that allows for his legs to be free so he can be easily buckled into his carseat)

- light weight blanket

(not pictured)

-burp cloth

-nail file


For Me:

- Oversized sleep t-shirt to change into after we move to our postpartum room
(I read that they are still checking everything down there often and want easy access to your hooha and tummy. I've read a lot of people like robes for this reason but I like the idea of a t-shirt better.) 

- Larger than normal panties
(Some people swear by the mesh panties the hospital gives you, but if for some reason I don't like them - these will help me feel a little more normal and can be thrown away after) 

- Jacket, slippers, socks and flip flops 

- Going home outfit 
(yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt) 

- Regular nursing bra & a nursing sports bra
(I plan to wear the regular nursing bra during labor and then it can easily be removed when the time comes to put him on my chest.)

- Festive drink tumbler

- Travel shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothbrush 

- Headband, makeup bag, deodorant and comb 
(not pictured)

- Lanolin cream 
(I was told to put it on as soon as possible for prevention purposes - but to ask your nurse first for some. Basically this is a just in case item.)

Extra items:

- Notebook to write questions, birth story in, etc. 

- Mat board for guests to sign 
(This goes to a shadow box that we will keep all the stuff from the hospital in.) 

- Birth certificate information, insurance card, card stock (For them to do his footprints on. This way if they mess up I can have them redone and then I'll just paste them in the baby book) and folder to house all the extra papers we get

- Boppy, extra bag (for all the hospital goodies they say to take home with you), phone charger, snack bag for CT (gum, nutrigrain bars, etc), vending machine money 
(not pictured)  


What do you think? I am notorious for being an over packer . . . so I'm sure I have way more stuff then is necessary. I've also only packed for your regular 24 hour hospital stay - so if we end up having to stay longer, I'll have CT run home for some extra clothes. 

Do you think I am missing anything? 
Is there anything you wish you would have packed that you didn't? 

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