Friday, July 4, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Yesterday, CT and I made the dreaded trip to Babies R' Us to return some gifts and to do our registry completion. We got all of our last minute things (minus the monitor which I'm going to order from Amazon) and then I was able to come home and organize - his room, the kitchen, the bathroom ... everywhere. Kingston can arrive any time now! 

Super excited about our mamaRoo we got! I turn it on and want to get into it. 
I may have googled the weight limit on it ;) 

2. We literally have NO plans for today. How sad is that? We can't travel out of town - so we aren't getting together like usual with my family. CT's family waits until the last minute to get together so we haven't heard of anything going on. We could try and find a pool - but I'm cheap and don't want to pay for one and I look like I'm carrying a basketball in my stomach - I might scare the little kids. 
Hopefully we can find some good food and a firework show somewhere!  

3. Each night I get the 'tomorrow is Sunday' feeling. You know, the feeling you get when it's the last day off before the upcoming work week. Well, I have off until Tuesday and I love getting the 'tomorrow is Sunday' feeling but then realizing I have more days left in my long weekend.  
You feel me? 

4. I officially feel really pregnant. I have been so fortunate throughout this whole pregnancy - no morning sickness, no food aversions, no swelling .. but since week 35 this child inside of me has been kicking my butt! I feel like I have the 'waddle' with excruciating pubic bone pain and super achy joints. Hopefully I don't look as in pain as I feel. . . just a few more weeks!! 

5. I have the book Baby Wise that was on my bedside table for weeks and as of yesterday it has made it into my purse. I just need to crack it open and start reading it. Any thoughts on it? I've heard great things about it but would love to hear from you other mamas if you have personally experience with it.  

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  1. Hang in there momma! Just a few more weeks! I know it's hard feeling so miserable in the heat though... I never read Baby Wise, but I've some people talk about it. It seems like they either love it or hate it. You may want to google it and see what others have to say. I THINK the book encourages new parents to put their newborns on a schedule right off the bat, and I just wasn't into that. If my baby was hungry I wanted to feed him then instead of making him wait. But, like I said, I never read it, so I'm not much help!
    I am interested in this influenster thing though - what is that about?

  2. I've heard the mamaroo is awesome! Excited to hear how you like it when the babe finally arrives! And I totally feel you on 35 weeks - it seems like that's always when everything hits and you start to feel miserable! So close though!!


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