Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 21

How far along: 21 Weeks
Food Comparison: Banana
Gender: Boy!! 
Weight gain: +10 lbs 
Maternity clothes: I own a few pieces but haven't really worn any of them yet. 
I was able to wear jeans to church yesterday and I remember why I stopped wearing them 2 months ago - not comfy! 
Stretch marks: No - still slathering up with my belly butter!
Belly button in or out: In with belly button ring. The transition process has sure started though. It is slowly becoming an outie.
Sleep: Brutal but I was able to get in a 3 hour nap yesterday to make up for some of it. 
Best moment last week: Putting together Baby K's crib!! Things are really coming together in the nursery. Plus I've been stalking our tracking numbers and we have the remaining big items being delivered this week! 

 Angel Line Mary 3 in 1 Crib
(PS - check out Crafting A Fairytale on Etsy - I'd love to make a quilt for you)

all via 

Worst moment last week: Having to make 2 trips to Ace Hardware during out fix it projects. 
Miss anything: Margaritas and (non baby related) going down south for Spring Break trips with a banging body
Movement: Yes! They are getting stronger as the weeks go on. I love it! 
CT said yesterday 'there will come a day soon when you will want him not to move because it won't feel good.' That might be true but until then - I can't get enough.
Cravings: Ice cream sandwiches and bomb pops. 
I have a feeling I'll be enjoying many of these all summer long. 
Queasy or sick: Some movements make my stomach drop - like we've just driven over a steep hill. It's weird. 
Looking forward to: Getting all of our goodies in the mail this week. 
Prayer Request: Last week I read a blog post about raising a teen who doesn't date too young. It was extremely eye opening and something I hope CT and I can instill in our children. So this week I'm going to start praying for Baby K's future spouse.
Hopefully it's never to early to start.  


  1. Aynslee Lou Trotter ❤️ and I never got annoyed or tired of feeling her kick. Even if it was my ribs. I loved it and I'm sure you won't ever get tired of it!!!


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