Thursday, March 13, 2014

Operation Project Nursery: Closet Makeover

Yesterday evening I spent 30 minutes with a roll of wrapping paper, some scissors, and a can of spray adhesive and came out with my favorite nursery project yet - a wrapping papered closet! 

{You can check out what all i've accomplished in the nursery so far (here) and to learn a little background on the space we are working with.}

This closet originally housed all of my seasonal decor, our Christmas tree, luggage, and cleaning supplies. Because it housed so much junk, the walls were nasty and super scuffed. I knew I didn't want to spend time painting it so I had to come up with a different solution. 

Heather at Southern State of Mind used moustache wrapping paper to line a  dresser and I knew I could use the same concept to line the walls in our little man's closet. 




This project was totally meant to be when I headed to Hobby Lobby and was able to snag the last roll of this super cute black and white mustache wrapping paper. Plus with my 40% coupon it came out to only costing me about $2.99.

I started out by measuring the sections of the closet with a tape measure and then using the oh so handy grid on the back of the paper to cut straight lines.  

When it came to actually hanging the wrapping paper up - I started off thinking double sided sticky tape would do the trick. . . . not so much. Luckily, I had some left over Elmer's Spray Adhesive which is seriously the best invention ever and easily did the trick. We live in an apartment so I knew I didn't want something permanent. This was the perfect solution -  it's not permanent but it's definitely sticking! 

I love it so much that I want to leave the closet door open 24/7. 
You can't beat a project that turns out this well - especially when it only took 30 mins of my time and cost $2.99. 

What can you spruce up in your house with wrapping paper?

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  1. LOVE the way it turned out! Such a cute idea! ;)

  2. Just responded but my name didn't show-
    Heather @ Southern State of Mind

  3. Great idea but how will the paper come off when you need it to?

    1. I'm pretty sure it will peel right off. There are spots where it's stickier and some where it's not. Hopefully it'll stay forever! ;)


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