Thursday, July 11, 2013

NYC Tips & Tricks from a Kansas Girl

To catch up, check out my NYC recap here:

Quickly after landing in New York, I realized this girl was no longer in Kansas. I also found out extremely fast that the Mid-West is way way way different then the East coast in almost ALL aspects! 

Here is a list of Tips & Tricks I compiled to help anyone navigate NYC.

  1. bring cash
    It costs to do everything. To cross a bridge into the city it can range from $7-$15. To get on a beach or into a lake it costs anywhere from $6-$10. Also, to be quick {since everyone is always in a rush here} cash makes things ten times easier.

    2. bring small billsEach ride on the metro is $2.50. When paying with cash, it will give you back change in all coins. For some reason that just bugs me. I don't want a bunch of dollar coins so just bring small bills, ones and fives and it shouldn't be a problem.

    Also, in NYC {mostly in Chinatown, SOHO, and Little Italy} you can barter any and everything. I don't feel as awkward paying for something I just got down to a way lower price when I don't have to get change back or when they don't see that I have larger bills and really could have paid full price.

    3. your choice: wear or don't wear designerI made the mistake of carrying around my Michael Kohrs purse the first day we were in the city. Everyone and their dog tried to sell me something. "Coach, Prada, Gucci, Michael Kohrs"
    If you don't want to get bombarded, don't wear designer. If you want to attract that type of attention, go for it.

    4. bring an umbrellaIt rained on 2 different occasions while we were in the city, and it rained A LOT! We had 1 umbrella, but it was too small for both CT and me to both use it. We had to purchase one from a sidewalk shop and I swear they sold it to us with a hole. It lasted one day and we paid $5 for it.

    5. bring a book or ipod on the metroYou can tell all the people who ride the metro every day. They get on, whip out their book or ipod, and keep their heads down. Nobody makes eye contact, smiles, or talks to anyone.
    {My friends dad told some random guy on the metro that his bag was unzipped, and for thanking him for letting him know, he said 'don't talk to me, or I'll gut you like a fish}

    6. don't ask a cop for directionsI was surprised at how many cops were everywhere. They were on bikes, on horses, just walking the streets at all the major sites and in cars. They were everywhere! Just don't ask them for directions. They always give false ones, probably because they get asked soo much. My initial thought was that they would be the perfect person to ask: honest and good people. Wrong! Don't do it.

    7. remember: uptown or downtownThe metro can be a really daunting task to navigate. Make sure you double check if you are going uptown or downtown. And as long as you don't go through the exit turns, you can go up the stairs to the other side and you can find the right train to get on. If you mess up, get out on the next stop and hop on another train.
    It's simple, just don't freak!

    Hopefully these Tips & Tricks will help you out if you are going on a trip to the city anytime soon.

    Do you have any Tips & Tricks that helped you?

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