Monday, July 8, 2013

NYC Recap {Part 1}

Exhaustion. Complete and utter exhaustion!
I loved the experience and everything we saw, but honestly it wasn't your typical relaxing vacation. 

No sleeping in. 
We had to get out of the house each day by 9 so we could make it into the city by decent time and to avoid traffic.
{We were lucky and stayed with some friends in NJ, but with that luck came an hr long drive to get to NYC}

Tons of walking. 
The first day, when we knocked almost everything out {World Trade Center, Wall Street, Staten Island Ferry & Statue of Liberty, SOHO, Little Italy, China Town, Central Park, and Times Square}, we probably walked a good 13-15 miles. No joke. My body didn't start to feel it until we were on the train back to NJ. Thank goodness for cute and comfy flats. 

Not nice people like in the Mid-West.
No one talks to anyone.  No one looks at anyone.
CT held the door open for a woman and it could have made her month! I wish I could have got the look on her face on camera, it was priceless.
 And when we tried to give away our three remaining metro cards that still had $7-$10 bucks on them, no one would take them. They all thought it was the strangest thing. When we let them know they were going to be trashed because we were going back to Kansas they gladly accepted. It's like they all thought we had different motives.   

Definitely a once in a lifetime trip and we did it pretty cheaply, but I am totally satisfied and have no need to want to go back for a LONG time! 

Check back in tomorrow for some tips and tricks to navigating NYC from a Kansas girl. 


  1. thats how i felt when i was in vegas! people had no manners, and it was to each their own! tons of walking, no sleeping in .. haha quite the experience! im glad you got to experience the New York life though! i'd love to go some day!

  2. I know right, big cities tend to forget their manners but I think that's because everyone is so determined to "make it" in the big apple. NYC is a great place to visit but I agree with you, people aren't very nice there.

    xoxo -B ♡


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