Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NYC Recap {Part 2}

So I originally had a post planned about tips and tricks to navigating NYC from a Kansas girl, but I think that will wait till the end of the week. 

But I changed my mind.
I want to finish recapping all we did on our trip up East.

Tuesday July 2nd: 
Our two year wedding anniversary! 
We were in NJ by 200pm, we drove to our friends house, explored the city we were staying in, had some bomb pizza, and planned our next day in the city.

Wednesday July 3rd:
We were in the city by 1000am. We took that path from Newark into the City. We visited the world trade center site, and the Freedom tower which is almost completed. We walked to wall street- where we were stopped by producers and asked to come back at 100pm to be interview on CNBC about student loans. We then walked to the Staten Island Ferry and took it to view the Statue of Liberty, walked back to wall street which we missed our interview by 15 minutes. Then we took the metro to Canal Street and walked through SOHO, Chinatown, and Little Italy in the rain and then had lunch in Little Italy. We took the metro to Central Park where I had ice cream and we met Jeff Gordon. Then took the metro back to time square where we walked around and went to the Hershey store. I really wish we would have had a little more time to go to the wax museum. Next time! Then we finished off the day walking to Madison Square Gardens and taking the path back into Newark.

{don't you love how I was protecting Michael}

Thursday July 4th:

We picked up my friends husband from the airport and made our way to the Mets game. It was a 15 inning game. FML! 
Luckily our friends know a guy who pitches for the Mets so we got to sit in the wives section way close. 
By the time the game was finished we were so wore out that we didn't want to fight traffic and the crowds trying to find a good spot to watch the Macy's Fireworks, so we made our way back to NJ and watched from them from the couch.

{super blurry}

Friday July 5th:
We went down to the Jersey Shore which is about a 2 hour drive from where we stayed. We went to SeaSide Heights {where Jersey Shore was filmed}, walked to board walk, and hung out on the beach. The water was 
f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g  so we just hung out under the umbrella. 

Saturday July 6th:
CT and I navigated the city on our own.
 We took the path into the city and visited the world trade center memorial {which was SO cool}. It's 2 big waterfalls into the holes that were the site of the two buildings.  We then walked from there to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked over it. Then we took the metro to Yankee Stadium, watched the game, went to Grand Central Station, walked down Park Ave and took the metro back to NJ. To end the night we went to Applebee's to watch the Silva fight.

Sunday July 7th:
Woke up at 300am to leave the house by 345am to make it to the airport by 445am to catch our 600am flight.
We got home around 1130am, had lunch with some of CT's friends, and then picked up Bentley from my parents.
I laid down to take a nap at 330pm and didn't wake up till 6am the next morning.

Like I said yesterday, I was CRAZY exhausted. Such a busy trip but we literally saw everything we could see. 

If I could recommend 3 things to definitely do in NYC:
1. World Trade Center Memorial {duh!}
2. Central Park {so pretty and so much to do}
3. Time Square {most 'NY' feel with the people and things to do}

For all who have been, what were your favorite parts of the city?  


  1. Wait that is amazing, not only do I call all my Michael Kors by his first name, I also protect him from the elements and he rides shotgun in my car hahaha great post!


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