Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smokey Hill River Festival 2013

Last weekend, CT and I went home to Salina [after our doctors appointment - which we got great news meaning it's go time again for try#2] for the Smokey Hill River Festival.

This is something I look forward to each year. Delicious food, live music, original art. Something I try my hardest not to miss!

I love the decorated trees that welcome you to the festival!

 This owl was my birthday gift from my parents that we purchased from an artist at the festival. Each year I have been OBSESSED with his mosaic tile mirrors, which range usually anywhere from $200-600. I fell in love with this piece and it was at a much better price point.
I chose this piece because our bedroom decor is gray, metallic silver, and red with a birds and tree theme. 

You can now find it hanging out in the tree in our room!

My dad just had to have this little fella. 
Probably because of his hand expression. Haha. 
I think he is made to go outside in your garden, but I'm thinking my dad is going to use it to house his keys and phone at night.

We had such a good time this weekend. 
The only bummer was that it stormed Saturday evening so we had to leave and go home and miss out on the lead act for that evening, Mingo Fishtrap. 

This weekend got me so excited for CT's and I adventures in NYC coming up the beginning of July. 

Speaking of, I really should start planning that trip. 
Stay posted on more to come. =)

PS- Look what CT spotted on me this weekend. 

A gray hair! EKKK! 
I only just turned 24. 
What the heck.


  1. Very fun post! On the gray hair, I had to start coloring mine by age 26! But at least our hairs are counted :) I was your neighbor at Bloglovin' Blog Hop :)


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