Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday Week Recap

This lady feels like such a lush after this weeks shenanigans. I have drank maybe 5 times this whole year, and three of those were nights this week. 

 All day Wednesday was our managers retreat, and then we had a whole work meeting followed by pizza, booze, bowling, and go karts! 

 This is just a select few of the awesome ladies I work with.

 I needed to mark this day in history. I beat the G = the greatness = CT! 
I won't ever let him live it down. 

 Thursday was my 24th birthday!
May 30th. The perfect day for a birthday.
 It was a fast day at work with lunch at one of my faves with the med team ladies, and then an evening with my man.

When I walked in from work, CT surprised me with this beauty. 

He started off spoiling me at the beginning of our relationship and it continues! 

For dinner, we went to Playa Azul for some margs and the usual, and then headed to the circus. 

My favorite part was the animals and the crazy motorcycle drivers in this huge metal ball. 
What blew my mind was that the circus crew was maybe only a total of 20 people that performed all the stunts, music, and dancing. 
The guy driving the motorcycle was the same one on the tight.
 They are very talented people!

On Friday, I stayed late at work and then went over to Miss Evie's house to have a triple date bbq. 
I am trying to hook my sister up with her brother. =))

Jenna was in town for the weekend. 
On Saturday, we went and got a manicure, did a little shopping, and then went to Old Chicago for some pizza.
 I had to get a paint brush and some new hardware for my buffet table I'm redoing. 

  This was after 2 coats. I'll do one more coat tomorrow and then showcase the final product. 
I love it!

Workout gear from the sis. 

When anyone asked what I wanted for my birthday, I sent them to my previous blog posts and it worked. =)) 

I have a feeling 24 is going to be the best year yet!


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