Friday, June 21, 2013

NYC Planning

After a few hours work, I have come to the conclusion that planning a trip like this is a hard task.
We have so much to fit into the 4.5 days we are in New Jersey/New York because we know we won't be back for a LONG time. 

We had a bucekt list of things we wanted to do before we got pregnant and had kiddos. 

- Go to Vegas
- Go Skiing
 - Go to NYC

 Hopefully we make it through the list before our time for babies comes, but if not I'll be so glad we did this trip!

So... back to planning. 
This is all I've got so far.

As of right now, I am planning two action packed days in the city around a Yankees & a Mets game. It's a little difficult because the Yankee's stadium is in the Bronx north of Manhattan and the Met's stadium is in Queen's which is west of Manhattan. 
On our to do/see list are:
Canal Street
Ground Zero
Brooklyn Bridge
Statue of Liberty - by Staten Island Ferry
Dinner in the meat packing district
Fireworks from Hoboken 
{This will probably be our itinerary on July 4th when we are going to a Met's game mid day. Early morning in the city, baseball game at 1pm, evening in the city, followed by fireworks at 930pm.}

Times Square
Empire State Building
Central Park / Upper East Side
5th Ave
Bronx Zoo 
{This will probably be our itinerary on July 6th when we are going to a Yankee's game mid day. Early morning in the city, baseball game at 1pm, early evening in the city because we have to be at airport by 430am the next day.}
Thankfully we are saving money by staying with some friends in NJ, but with that being said we will have to take a train into the city each time.
 We might have to end up going in on Friday as well if we aren't able to get everything done in those two days.
My fear is over-doing it because I hear the city can get pretty exhausting. 
I guess you only live once huh? 

Is it weird that I'm getting nervous?
Riding trains and the metro, trying to navigate around a hugely populated city by foot. 
 It gives me butterflies just thinking about it.
Any recommendations on things to do, places to eat, or venues to shop? 


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