Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kingston: 7 months

As of 3.7.15
19lbs 4oz -  (taken at home)
29.5" - (taken at home)
Blueish green eyes depending on what he wears, rosy chapped chubby cheeks, dark brown thin hair. 

Clothes: 9 -12 months onesie/tops and 12 month pants.
Diapers: Size 3 disposable diapers and the middle rise snap on cloth.
Shoes: Kingston fits best in his size small moccs. 


Nothing really new has changed this past month with Kingston and his eating. He usually nurses first thing in the morning around 430am (this keeps getting earlier and earlier and I'm not sure how to combat it),  fruit + 6oz bottle around 830a, veggie + 6oz around noon, 6oz at 300p, veggie or fruit + nurse at 530p, nurse at bedtime. If I give him orange fruits I try and give him green veggies and vice versa. I know I like variety - so I try and think of that when choosing his foods. 

So far he's tried 'real' foods in this order:
oatmeal cereal, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, turnips, avocados, bananas, apples, peaches, pears, squash. --- This month we have added prunes, sweet corn, blueberries, turkey. His dad might have also given him tastes of lemons and the cheese off of Doritos. I've really enjoyed making most of King's food but even more I like the money I've saved in doing so! 

I would say he LOVES: fresh avocados with lemon juice, all his fruits and carrots.  He still loves to each bananas out of his mesh holder - but it's a beast to clean so it doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I read today that they make a similar version in silicone - which I might have to look into getting. 

I would say he HATES: peas by themselves - but if I mix them with apples/peaches/pears he eats them! 

This past month we introduced those baby food pouches and they are the most amazing thing when we are out and about and on the go. If Kingston sees CT or me eating he needs to eat too, so it's the perfect solution. He essential 'drinks' it and it's quick and mess free. LOVE them!

I still continue to pump at work - always 2 times a day but most of the times 3 times a day. I average about 12oz a day which is enough and I still have quiet a stash in the freezer. 5 more months till my goal of a year! 

This past month my little man had quiet the change in things. No more swaddle, no more paci and crying it out. He sleeps about 730p-430a - eats then back to bed until 645a. He was becoming too dependent on his paci - waking up 2 and 3 time in the middle of the night just for his paci so we knew we had to change things. He sleeps in a halo sleep sack with his face HAS touching something .. usually smashed right up against the bumper. 

He still is sleeping awful at daycare - maybe a 20-40 min nap in the morning and a 45-rarely 2hr nap after lunch. CT and I both hope that when summer comes and CT is home with him, he can get back on a better schedule and sleep better during the day.  

He has mastered both sides of rolling over and thinks he is hott stuff when he does it.
He's also a pro at sitting and this is his most preferred position. 

He claps.
He straight belly laughs.
He turns in circles during his rare minutes of tummy time.
He can feed himself but would prefer if we did it. 
Gives kisses and hugs. 
Getting close to waving and turning on/off light switches. 
He knows his name.

All sports - in person or on tv. 
Bath time. 
People watching. He is such the awesome shopping partner. He will just sit in the cart and stare at people. 
Mama & daddy's bed.
Books & balls. 
The colors black and white.
Any STL cardinals logo. 

Music and DANCING to any and every beat. 
His bath scoop toy. 
Being outside. 
To cuddle in bed. 

He personality is definitely shining through - he gladly lets us know when he doesn't like something. He has started to cry/fuss with his lips closed. Not sure why he does it .. but it's the funniest thing. 
People with glasses. He cries every time. 

He gargles his spit in the back of his throat and blows spit bubbles by vibrating his lips.
Something that sounds like hi in a high pitch.

Ma-Ma (but I'm certain he doesn't know mama/dada is us)


Jumping in his door jumper.
Playing with his basketball goal. 

Hanging out with his daddy at the gym. 
Standing whenever he can.

This month Kingston was sick yet again. He had to miss 3.5 days because of a fever. The highest it got up to was 102.8. I took him in to the immediate care facility and they just said he caught some type of a virus. I think it was also due to the fact that he is teething hardcore. I'm guessing he will have 2 little teeth on the bottom by the next time I do this update. 

This past month we also got rid of the bath mat and now he has a little more freedom during bath time. He spends time on his back, tummy and sitting up and loves it. 

Kingston also got to experience his first snow this month. He wasn't so sure what to think about it. 

Bentley still stays away and I wish that would change. 

Kingston had his first Valentine's day and brought all the ladies at school roses. He also had 6 month/Valentine's pictures taken and I love how they turned out. 


I'm still sticking to these being the best days of my life! Not one day is the same. He's growing and changing and learning and it's making me do all of those same things.

I love being his mama. 


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