Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shop Small - My Faves!

If you follow along with me on any type of social media, you would know that I'm obsessed with dressing my little dude in all things trendy and grown. A year or so ago when we found out we were pregnant with a little boy - I vowed to not dress him in planes, trains, dogs or dinosaurs UNLESS it was uber modern. 

I love (some people might say obsessively)  dressing Kingston in handmade goodies from shops on Instagram and Etsy. The ladies behind these shops dedicate hours to their craft and it really shows. All the pieces I have received are of great quality and come at a really decent price. But if $15-$25 is a little more then you would pay for a piece of baby clothing ... just wait till the next holiday and you'll find that these shops do sales galore! I'm sure for St. Patties Day there will be lots of 15% off around the web. Follow along and be sure to snag something the next time they offer a deal! 

Below I've rounded up a bunch of goodies from some of my favorite brands/shops that are on Kingston's must have list. A few might even be under the sewing machine and on their way to me in a few weeks!  



(This is going to be Kingston's Easter shirt!)

(Part of Kingston's first birthday outfit -- and YES I'm that mom who thinks about these things 6 months out)

(We have some multi-colored cassette tape harems coming that would work perfect with this!)


(These pants are purchased and will be arriving for Kingston to wear for Easter with his Jesus saves bro shirt!)


(2 for $14 leggings - we have 9&11 on the way!) 



(All her booties are so amazing but they are always sold out. If you want some of these bad boys you have to be quick and snag them as soon as she restocks!) 



(Kingston has 8 of these slouchy's - I would love to add this one to the collection!) 


Aren't all these lovelies just ... lovely? These days I'm obsessed with harems and leggings because they go over our cloth diapers so easy. I'm sure daycare loves them too because when I send him in jeans they literally have to throw him over their shoulders and have to 'jump up and down just to put 'em on'. 
And I've always been on to add accessories - whether its bibs, bow ties or hats. 

Can you see any of your littles rocking any of these pieces? If so - head on over to these shops and show them some love! 


  1. I REALLY wish I would have seen this and had been interested in this kind of stuff when my baby boy was born!! He's 5 and I think I might just start dressing him up now because those slouchy's and bow ties are just so damn cute!!!!! I am definitely going to order some new stuff ! AND I am actually going to start making some of this stuff myself since I finally learned how to sew lol Kingston stays fresh! ;)

  2. Thanks so much for adding PaperKrane to your list of faves <3 I really appreciate all of the mamas from all around the world who take the time to look at my social media posts, and try to snap some up booties when I restock! You keep me busy :) Thank you! Kate (from PaperKraneK8


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