Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kingston: 4 months

As of 12.2.14
15lb 6 oz - 50%
26.5" - 95% 
Eyes are still primarily blue - sometimes with some honey and sometimes with some green. He's our little chameleon baby - changing color with his outfit.
His strawberry birthmark on the crown of his head and back of his neck are both still there but are lighter than they were at birth. 
His hair continues to grow on the top of his head. He has a bald spot on the back of his head - but thankfully he's a bald baby so you can't really tell.
He still has the biggest jowls West of the Mississippi.
He still looks a lot like his daddy but I think he for sure has my forehead, shape of eyes, tip of nose and chin. He is perfectly 50% me 50% CT. 

Clothes: 6 month pieces fit the best. There are a few 3 month onesies that are long enough to still work but only when he is in a regular diaper.  

Diapers: He is still in size 2 disposable diapers. I purchased a box of Up&Up brand - split between at home and daycare and we are still working on that same box at night time and out of the house. Cloth diapering is working out really well at daycare - and I'm so thankful that they were open minded with them. I would say 2/5 days he comes home in a different outfit from leaking - but that's because they have students change him and they don't get the fit correct. His main teacher is awesome though with them and they are working out better than I imagined! 

Shoes: Kingston is still wearing the heck out of his 4.5'' moccs. He has a two toned grey pair and a black pair that go with almost every outfit.  

Little man is still eating like a champ - if you can't tell by his chubbiness. He is super active while he eats - pulling off, looking around, scratching, grabbing and hitting. Soon enough we will be working on manners. He is down to nursing 5-6 times a day: 600a, 1000a, 200p, 500p, 800p.  According to Babywise - this past month he should've merged the mid morning and lunch time feed to a late morning feed which he did without me prompting anything. Crazy how that happened on its own just like the book said it would! 

At his 4 month check up - his Dr. said we can start introducing solids if we would like. Grains first and then veggies, fruit and meats - making sure he has one food for three days before trying something new. I think we are going to hold off on foods until the end of this month. I want him to be able to sit up better on his own and plus he's suppose to be getting a high chair from Santa. I think we will skip the rice cereal, start out on oatmeal cereal and then when he learns how to swallow and is really interested in it - we will start veggies!

 Thankfully I'm able to pump at work in our mothers rooms. I have it booked 3 times a day - the same times Kingston would usually eat. I've been able to pump fresh milk for him to have at daycare the following day and I'm also able to add about 20 ounces a week to my freezer stash. At this point I'm not really sure what the point is of continuing to add milk to my freezer - but it's nice to have it for back up! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again - thank goodness for the principles of BabyWise and a good routine! Kingston is still sleeping 9.5-10.5 hours consistently. It's so loud at daycare that he averages about 2 30-45 min naps these days. I'm sure soon enough he will get on their schedule and take his 'long nap' from 11:30-1:00 like all the other kiddos do. Until then, his bedtime is earlier in the evening because he just can't hang. I've also found that if I wake him up (or he wakes on his own) around 515-530 eats and then goes back to bed till about 715 - he has a better day at daycare for them. I love finding things that work for my boy. 

His night time routine: 
 Bath time, about twice or three times a week he plays in his otteroo during bath for about 10 min, we lather him up with lavender lotion and change him into pjs, nurses, we pray for him and then put down in his crib. Lately he hasn't been nursing to sleep so we have just been laying him in his crib and he goes to bed on his own. Sometimes we have to put in his paci a few times before he falls asleep. Because of this - I think I'm going to start incorporating a bedtime story each night.

In the last week we have stopped swaddling Kingston because he is so close to rolling over. It was making me nervous to keep him in his straight jacket with the possibly of him rolling over and not having his arms free to help lift his head up. He loves being free and he is such the little mover. We will start him at the bottom of the bed and by morning time he has traveled all the way up to the top. We noticed this past weekend while we shared a room with him at my parents, that he kicks and tosses and turns quite frequently throughout the night making so much noise. We've also found that he is a side sleeper like his mama.

95% of the way there of rolling from back to tummy. He has one arm that he just can't get unstuck. 
Reaching for things. (This is the best thing so far to witness. You can tell his mind is trying so hard but his body doesn't fully cooperate. Slowly but surely he is gaining better control of his arms. His favorite thing to grab for is his paci. He takes it out of his mouth and just holds it and looks at it.)
He found his feet. 
Constantly crunching when he is laying down. He likes to sit up and see. 

All sports - in person or on tv. 
Bath time and the otteroo
Standing - in his exersaucer or jumper. 
His toes. 
People watching. He loves to watch the world and hates missing out on stuff. 
Being naked.
Mama & daddies bed.

Getting put in or taken out of his car seat.
Being held in the cradle position unless he is nursing. He likes to see the world.  
When I'm not fast enough to feed him.
Water in his eyes. 

He gargles his spit in the back of his throat and blows spit bubbles by vibrating his lips. 
No new sounds but he is blabbing non-stop these days. 

Bringing his feet to his mouth.
Standing up and playing in his exersaucer or jumper.

Kingston has finally started to really notice Bentley. He will sit and watch Bentley play with his toys and then giggle at him. Bentley still isn't a fan of Kingston and at this point I'm not sure he ever will be. 

I'm continuing to LOVE my role as a mother. My little boy brings so much happiness to my heart and I know God created me to do this. As much as I love being with Kingston, being back to work isn't as bad as I thought. I love the idea of 'providing' for him - especially since purchasing a house has become a very real possibility lately. I've realized I want the best life possible for Kingston and I'm going to do everything in my power to give him that. The best feeling in the world is getting off work and holding my son while he attacks my face with open mouth kisses. That's one thing I hope never ends. 


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