Thursday, September 4, 2014

1st Month {Mama} Must Haves

Earlier this week I wrote about 1st Month Month Haves for Kingston. Today I'm going to let you in on a few necessities I've needed to survive this past month.  

If you are breastfeeding or have breastfed - you know all about that constant thirst.  Unfortunately, I've never been one of those people that love water. I wish I was but I'm not. This past month though, I've had a tumbler beside me at all times and 4/5 times you will find it filled with grape koolaid. I figured since it's essentially sugar water and I'm staying hydrated - it's fine. Once Kingston starts peeing purple, I'll cut back. 

So . . . remember how I ended up having to have a c-section? One would assume after a vaginal delivery that you would bleed for quite awhile - but who knew that after a c-section you would bleed just as much or more. TMI - but I don't wear granny panties so these are a must. 

I had such a hard time deciding which monitor to go with and after having the summer infant safe sight color video monitor for a month, I am so happy with my choice. Being a first time mom, I can't imagine not being able to see the baby - especially for us because Kingston has been sleeping in his crib in the other room since day 5. I like this monitor because you can zoom in and out and it comes in both color and automatic night vision. 

I have lived in Nike shorts since having Kingston (except for church days). They are so comfy and you don't need to change ever if you don't want to. They are acceptable to wear in front of company, they can be worn to sleep, out on a walk or to Wal-mart. 
They really are multi-functional ... and cute! 

So as soon as Kingston was removed from my tummy - my 14 year old complexion decided to reappear. This face wash is expensive but it is a good product. Thankfully I got it back when I was working at the spa and received a huge bottle at a discount. It's working for me now but zits are super annoying and I'm always looking for a product that works better. 
What do you use to fight acne?

6. Phone App - Assistive Light 
During all of my middle of the night nursing sessions, I turn on this bad boy. I try as careful as possible to keep Kingston in a night time 'sleepy' mode without stumbling around and hurting ourselves. This light is easy to get to on my phone and a total necessity. 

7. Phone App - Feed Baby 
For the past 5 weeks I have been tracking all of Kingston's diapers/feeding sessions/naps. As of today, I will only be using it to track which side he nurses from and how often. Since we are doing the Baby Wise method of nursing ever 2.5/3 hours, it helps having easy access to see when he last ate. This app also has options to track their stats (weight,height,etc) and pumping sessions. It does it all and it's super user friendly. The only thing I wish the free version had was the ability to pause during a nursing session. I've considered purchasing the full version just so I can have that feature. Too many times we pause to burp or readjust. 

If you read my post about all the stuff I have googled in the first few weeks, you know I am a nervous nelly and have so many questions about everything. This book is awesome and covers any topic imaginable that could come up in the first year of your child's life. I am so glad I was able to borrow this from a friend (thanks Jenna!). 

9. Automatic Car Start
Whether you have a baby in the summer heat or winter cold, having your car the correct temperature prior to getting in is amazing for both mama and baby. I'm so glad I got an auto start for Christmas. It was definitely money well spent. 

10. On Demand/Netflix/Hulu/DVR Subscription 
 I have spent so many hours on my couch in front of the TV the past 5 weeks. With that being said, day time TV is brutal and I have been on the lookout for new shows. Thank goodness for DVR and Netflix.

The baby cries - I leak. The baby nurses from one side - I leak from the other. I get out of the shower - I leak. Needless to say ... I'm a fountain and these are essential for me. I was gifted Medela disposable pads but I've had better luck with the Lansinoh brand. They absorb a little better and are odorless. 

I have two of these (wireless) and I couldn't live without them. Enough said. 

13. Covered Goods Nursing Cover
 At first I was able to borrow a nursing cover purchased from Udder Covers. Being a first time mom, it has taken a little practice feeling comfortable nursing in public. One thing I didn't like about the Udder Cover was that it didn't cover your backside. So while I was hiking my shirt up at the volleyball game I had to continue tucking it in in the back so I wasn't exposed. Thanks to instagram I found Covered Goods. Their cover slips over both shoulders, is made from a super cute light weight fabric and covers everything so you don't have to be self conscious about anything being seen. It also can be worn as a scarf or car seat cover if you choose. Multi-functional is the best! 

14. A Friend 

Someone you can ask anything and everything to. Someone that is available to listen to your crazy questions, someone who will give you advice but not get offended if you don't take it, someone who is encouraging and someone who will pray for you. I definitely could not have survived this first month without friends. 

Am I missing anything that would make the next month even easier?


  1. The automatic car starter would definitely come in handy!! I also love the flashlight app on your phone. I never wanted to turn on any bright lights for fear of waking the baby even more and it's impossible to see in the dark.

  2. My hubby and I use Feed Baby to track diapers and feedings. I love how we can sync the app to both of our phones!


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