Monday, September 1, 2014

1st Month {Baby} Must Haves

There are a million and one posts like this floating around the web. I know when I was preparing for Kingston's arrival I logged on to Pinterest only to be bombarded with baby favorites. I was able to learn a lot and see what worked and what didn't for lots of mama's - so I figured I'd give my two cents for anyone who is interested. 

Here are a few items that have been essential for the first month of Kingston's life. 

These are the exact ones I use every time we put Kingston to sleep. As soon as he is done eating, I wrap him up as snug as a bug in a rug, burp him and then lay him down to sleep. I'm certain he sleeps so well because of these. 

I had so many mamas recommend these blankets to me, especially since I was having a summer baby. I took one look at the price tag and was not going to spend $40 for three blankets. Thankfully, I was gifted a 3 pack and I am oh so happy. They are light weight and the perfect super size to cover the baby or me if I need something quick when nursing. This blanket is a must have for us during every car ride, church trip and walk. 

CT and I have both been christened with our little mans urine and needless to say, we weren't using our football blocker at the time.  If you don't want to clean up the walls, the changing table and the changing pad - purchase one of these. And if you purchase it, use it! What good does it do when it's just sitting on your changing table? 

4. Munchkin LATCH Paci 
We love these huge silicone orthodontic pacifiers and so does Kingston. All the lactation people say don't give them a paci until they are at least 2 weeks old to make sure they don't get nipple confusion. Well we broke all the rules and gave it to him in the hospital. I love that they are soft and don't leave marks on his face and it's so cute to see him suck through it. 

We have this travel system in black and LOVE it!  We use the stroller daily whether we are visiting CT at the football field or when we go on all of our walks. It is so classy looking and functions great. When registering - the stroller and car seat was a tough one for me to decide on, and after a month of use I am 100% happy with our decision! 

6. Mommy Hook 
Of course I decided to go with a huge diaper bag and it doesn't fit so well beneath the stroller. This hook allows for it to hang from the handle bar and gives me easy access to it. Along with the diaper bag, I've hung multiple shopping bags from it and it holds it all. This product definitely makes life easier. I have it in black but they make it in so many fun colors! 

This wipe case is a necessity for our diaper bag. First of all it's cute and comes in a few fun patterns, and second of all it's compact and does a great job at keeping the wipes moist. We are thinking about cloth diapering (if I can get up the nerve) and I've heard this case is awesome for cloth wipes as well. It's a win/win.

We have had to give Kingston gripe water and gas drops on two different occasions and we used this pacifier to do so. He was able to take the medication at his own pace and we didn't have to deal with the dispenser and not getting everything swallowed. 

We actually have the lawn (which is bigger than the grass) and the cute flower on our counter. You can also purchase a twig or butterfly if the flower isn't your style. It is a fun/modern drying rack that has a lot of room for multiple items and its drying tray is easy to remove. If everything is going to be displayed on my counter, I'm glad it looks fun! 

10. Sleep Gowns 
Kingston has LIVED in sleep gowns his first month. We have tried ones from Carters/Gerber/etc. and they all get the job done. With as many diaper changes as we do, these gowns are so nice because I don't have to deal with snaps. My favorite ones are the ones that have fold over flaps on the arms to keep the hands covered.  

Hopefully this was helpful! 
What are your must have products?

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  1. Kingston is adorable! I am loving that stroller! Thank you for linking up with us at Mama Monday's!

  2. I felt the same way about the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets! They seemed so expensive, but ended up being so worth the cost! I still use them for my baby and he's almost 1! Definitely a good first month must-have :)

  3. Okay so you need to pin this on pinterest... I think this post would go viral. No joke. :) Thanks for linking up, friend!


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