Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Life in Lists: You're Hired

Linking up again with Marci and Kelli again.

If I could hire someone to do anything for me - what would it be? 

1. CLEAN! 
Duh! Who wouldn't love to hire a housekeeper?
I enjoy picking things up and putting everything in its place (especially when I'm mad - it's the best therapy) but I do not enjoy deep cleaning. 
Dusting. Vacuuming. Washing windows. Scrubbing the counters. 
Nope ... not for me. 

2. Hairstylist/MakeUp Person
I've never been good at this. I have a handful of go-to hairstyles - most of which include a ponytail. 
I also never wore anything but mascara and eyeliner in high school and not much has changed since then.

If I could hire someone - I would hire Kim Kardashian's glam squad.

See the amazing transformation! 
I'd love them to work their magic on me. 

3. Masseuse
CT and I take turns rubbing/scratching each others backs every night for 10 minutes. 
I'm greedy and this isn't enough for me. 
If I could hire someone - I would hire a personal Masseuse to give me an hour massage each morning and each night. 

4. Baker
I enjoy cooking meals but I'm not that grand of a baker. 
If I could hire someone - I would hire someone to make me delicious goodies. Cinnamon rolls. Homemade donuts. Brownies, brownies, and more brownies. Icecream cakes. 
You get the picture. 
All this preggo can think about these days are sweets. 

5. Personal Stylist
Especially now that I wear the same 4 shirts and same 4 dresses all the time, I'd hire a personal stylist. I'm too cheap to buy any new clothes for this growing bump and it doesn't help that I only shop at the discount stores. 
If I could hire someone - I would hire someone to help me find some good pieces that can be worn all year - with or without a bump.

What would you hire out if you could?


  1. I am with you on the housekeeper and the masseuse for sure!

  2. Housekeeper! Yes! And personal stylist! Sometimes I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my style or if there is something wrong with fashion these days.

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After

    1. It's def not use and totes fashion these days! ;)

  3. Masseuse is a great one!!! And two times a day...even better!!

    1. I might have been a little greedy -- but if I'm paying for it, what the heck!

  4. I love that you and your husband take turns rubbing backs each night! I should totally convince my husband to start doing that. Except maybe he just does mine and we don't trade off? haha! And I'm so with you on personal stylist - especially while pregnant! It can be so hard to dress your bump! Go look at She had some really cute maternity outfit ideas while she was pregnant and I definitely copied some!

    1. I always try and trick him into thinking it's my night every night .. but he has a pretty good memory! And I've stumbled upon Katie's blog before - I'm just so cheap and hate the thought of spending money on clothes that I'm just going to stretch out. Plus it's hard for me to spend any money on myself anymore. All I think of about is daycare, medical bills, and making sure Kingston is looking dapper!


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