Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breech Baby

I wish that read beach baby. 
A warm vacation by the water sounds good right about now. 
And I'm not too huge yet so I could still pull off looking cute in a swim suit. 

Anyways ... yesterday we had Kingston's 26 week check up.
 Our doctor came in and immediately gave me an order for a sonogram in 2 weeks. Apparently at our anatomy scan they didn't get a good picture of his spine because he was breech. 
He still is breech. 
Head up by my ribs and feet down by my bladder. 
Basically he's just sitting in there - relaxing all cool. 

Immediately my mind went to one place:
 sh*t I'm going to have to have a c-section. 
I knew it was too good to be true. 
I've been feeling too good and things have been too easy. 

 I should have been grateful that I get to see my babe again in two weeks. 
But I wasn't ...I was freaked out.  

I was told that most babies at this stage of pregnancy are head down already but to 'not worry there is still plenty of time for him to turn on his own'. 
14 weeks to be exact.

My doctor told me if the time comes and he's doesn't on his own, there are a few options to try.  There are chiropractic options and certain at home positions that may help. 

Of course I turned to Dr. Google and he said that if you place something cold on top of your belly that the babe will move away from the cold.
 I may or may not have tried this with some frozen turkey. 

Surprisingly, it didn't work =)

Another option is a procedure called ECV. 
Basically you go to the hospital, get some medicine that relaxes your uterus, and then the doctor is a gangster and manually turns the baby from the outside.

And in the end IF all that fails - we would schedule a c-section.

I blame CT for this. 
1) Because Kingston's stubborn just like his daddy
2) Because I think Kingston's going to be a big baby just like his daddy

All I know is he better get to moving!


  1. Awe!! Of course it's Daddy's fault! I blame Camron for all of our troubles this pregnancy, too! ;)

    Praying your stubborn little guy flips!!

  2. Hopefully your little man listens to his mama soon and flips right over for you :)

    1. Fingers crossed! This tickling/scratching/punching my bladder is getting old. =)


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