Thursday, October 31, 2013

aych : aye : double ell : oh : double you : double e : in

Happy Halloween ya'll!
 (and how about that title - haha!)

Want to learn some random things about me? 


seven great things in your life.

1. my relationship with Jesus Christ
2. a husband with goals of wanting nothing more then to fully support our family
3. a mom, dad, and two sisters who always know how to make me laugh
4. the sweetest puppers on the planet
5.  a church with an amazing pastor and great worship band
6. a rock star shoe collection
7.  great penmanship

seven things you lack and covet.

1. motivation to workout
2. clear skin (hormones you suck)
3. patience
4. the skills to walk seamlessly in heels all day
5. a tan (skin cancer is no bueno so i'll stick to being pasty 
6. the ability to apply eyeshadow
7.  pitch

seven things that make you angry.

1. disrespectful/ungrateful old people
2. when my husband tries to race people while I'm in the car
3. people who leave the shower curtain open 
4. pregnant women who complain constantly
5.  student loan payments
6. k-state fans
7.  cheaters

seven things that you neglect to do.

1. dust
2. run
3. clean off the dishes before putting them in the dish washer
4. shave my legs
5.  change my scenty smells
6. wash my car
7. open the mail after I bring it inside

seven worldly material desires.

1. a navy Michael Kors hamilton tote 
2.  an autostart for willow (my car)
3.  a one way ticket to Hawaii
4.  an upgraded wedding ring - think Khloe Kardashian 
5. a massive walk-in closet with all the clothes i've pinned on pinterest 
6. season tickets to ku basketball
7. a 2013 dodge nitro - white with dark tint and rims

seven guilty pleasures.

1. raw cookie dough
2. reading naughty romance books
3. dr. pepper
4. my bi-weekly shellac manicure
5. nightly tv shows
6. candles
7. hobby lobby trips

seven things you love about love.

1. movie nights
2. a constant companion 
3. knowing someone better then they know them-self
   4. routine
5.  someone to pump my gas and take out the trash 
6.  our love of sports 
7. cozy time = nap time
How long will this linky remain open? Til Halloween, you guessed it!  Happy trails!


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