Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A RANT - because I can

Do you know what just irks me?

When ladies trying to have babies get so frustrated when they have been trying for 4-6 months and " it's just not working " 
{try for 2+ years and then get back to me} 

When I get asked when we are going to have kids and my response is something like "well we are trying, just not having any luck." Then these women respond with "it'll happen. give it time. be patient. you're so young, you have all the time in the world. enjoy your alone time now. "
(note - don't say those things to someone wanting so desperately to be a mother. it doesn't help the situation at all}

Do you want to know what even irks me even more?

When someone gets pregnant and their whole world is revolved around that. Every facebook status, every twitter post. These ladies no longer care about anyone other then themselves and being pregnant. 
{Don't forget about the ones that were there for the journey far before you conceived. Don't stop worrying about what's going on in everyone else's lives - just because things are moving in yours.}

Do you want to know what irks me the MOST?

When ladies are pregnant and all they do is publicly complain. Like shut up already!  You are creating a human being. It is the most blessed gift God has given us as women and you are not rejoicing in it. 
{Plus, there are many other ladies who would kill to be swollen or puking or fat. Stop complaining!}

But at the top of the list is when I hear about women being so selfish and aborting their unborn babies.  
{It's so sad that the people who want it the most, it doesn't work and for those that want absolutely nothing to do with it, it works too easy.}  

. . . end rant. 

PS - Remember - this is MY blog with MY opinions. 
No need for distasteful comments. 


  1. I'm sorry your hurting. Praying
    It works out for you

    Kim C

  2. I don't think being so judgeful and mean with people making different choices than yours is going to bring you any luck !

  3. Some people never cease to amaze me... 👆!

    Tiff, your an inspiration of strength! I'm so thankful for you! Praying for your journey everyday!! xoxo


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