Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Life Lately

I honestly don't know how us moms do life, especially the ones who work out of the home. I know I am in constant motion going from one thing to the next from the moment I wake up (which is usually at 530a). Getting myself ready, Kingston ready, Christian ready - working an 8 hour shift while trying to make time for 3 pumping session, making dinner, picking up the house, bed time routines. You name it  - us women are seriously amazing. God was so right when he gave these responsibilities and the personality traits  to the women - because I wouldn't have it any other way. I really feel a sense of accomplishment and power when I'm able to successfully get through my day knowing all that I do. 

Anyways, where I was going with that rant ... I haven't been writing much because we have been busy these last few weeks. Hopefully now that the holidays are over, I'll have a little more time to sit down behind the computer. Be prepared for more things baby and all things having to do with our new home! 


Life lately:

1. We have completed all our paperwork for our house loan and the inspection has been done. Now we are just waiting to see if the seller will make the recommended changes (new dishwasher, fix some plumbing in master shower, and fix a piece of siding that is rotten) and to finalize our loan. We close in about 20 days . . . I can't wait! Even though I'm nervous for that first payment to come due.

2. Two weekends from now we plan to take a trip up to Kansas City to visit the new IKEA and Nebraska Furniture Mart. We are on the look out for a new couch, king size mattress and a dining room table. I'm hoping for some good deals. This sista likes saving money. 

3. Once this house stuff is finalized - I plan on trading in my car and getting something much less expensive. Right now we have two car payments which is totally unnecessary because my car is only driven to and from work, the grocery store and a few other errands. I would love to have a car that's reliable and with no payment. Ideally I hope to find a 4 door Honda - in good condition with medium miles. I hear those cars last forever! 

4. Tax season is quickly approaching and the word around the block is that having a baby gets you more of a return?? If that's the case, I think Kingston is going to buy us some new carpet. 

5. I've been working at Koch for about 15 months now and I have yet to have a formal review. My boss said it's coming but needs final approval from her boss. What makes me nervous is that all the other team members have had their reviews approved and have been given them but mine is still in limbo. It had me worried but my boss assures me it's nothing bad.  Who knows. Hopefully I'm not in the process of getting canned. :/ 

6. CT's sister stayed with us for a while over Christmas break. Kingston had such a good time with his Aunt and I love seeing other people love my son. It makes this mama's heart so happy. 

7. Thank goodness for the buy, sell trade sites on Facebook. Prior to moving I plan to get rid of a bunch of our junk, and previously I've had such good luck using those sites. This way I'll be able to make a little extra cash and not have to tow it all the way across town. My goal is so start as fresh as possible in the new house. Right now we have such a mixture of stuff from my home in Salina, stuff from CT's college days and my college days. I know eclectic is a popular style but it's definitely not mine! 

8. My sister graduated from college last May and her first student loan payments is coming due this month. She has one private loan from Sallie Mae that is going to cost her $400 a month and there is no way for them to lower it any. Like seriously ... how can anyone afford that? And that's only one of her loans. She still has another one on top of that one to pay! Poor girl. Why haven't hackers used their talents to wipe out the student loan databases? People without student loans don't know how good they have it. 

9. Because my husband gained some pregnancy weight with me and it's the new year - we've started trying to eat healthier. No more eating out (which we are SO guilty of), more fish and veggies and no juice. I'm still drinking my coffee and dr. pepper so I'm not fully committed to this 'diet'. I guess you could say I'm more of the hubbys cheerleader and cook. 

10. I chopped off my hair and I love it. Out with the old long stringy pony and in with the new long bob. I'm trying to work on that MILF status. ;) 


  1. You should check out world market, they are having some huge sales on furniture right now!

  2. LOVE Ikea. Seriously my fave place to go, even if I'm just looking. And love the haircut! I chopped mine when my daughter was about 4-5 months because I lost all kinds of hair post partum.

    I also wanted to stop by and let you know that the High Five for Friday link up has a new home! We'd love to have you link up this week or any time in the future!

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

  3. So many things going on and 2015 is just starting. May you have a productive and fun-filled year! :)

    P.S. I really don't know how you moms do it.


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