Monday, August 25, 2014

Googled It

The entire time I was pregnant, the doctor and everyone I talked to always said not to turn to Dr. Google seeking answers to any questions I might have. 

I assume the same goes for post pregnancy. Since coming home with Kingston, I can't tell you how much time (mostly during the middle of my night feeds) that I've spent searching google. I chalk it up to being a first time mom and having SO many questions and concerns about everything. 

Let me let you in on some of my recent searches: 
Do baths give infants ear infections?
(CT is always so cautious when we give Kingston a bath and worries about him getting an ear infection. According to Google - 'swimmers ear' can be caused by bath water that sits in the outer ear for to long and it is recommended to throughly dry the ears after bath time.)

Newborn 3 week growth spurts.
Infant sleepier after growth spurt.
(Kingston has been really good about eating every 3 hours (almost on the dot) during the day. Well a few nights ago and yesterday afternoon, Kingston broke all his norms = wanting to eat every hour or so and then the next day taking awesome naps. According to Google - infants do go through a growth spurt around 3 weeks of age and increased feedings and sleepiness after is associated with this spurt.)

Infant skin peeling.
(Kingston had peeling on all of his extremities and we were wondering if this was normal. According to Google - this is normal and not something to be concerned with. They see increased skin peeling on the wrists, hands, ankles and feet of overdue babies. (Kingston was 2 days overdue.))

What causes baby acne?
How to prevent baby acne.
(Poor Kingston had/has a bad case of baby acne - mostly on his cheeks and chin - just like his mama. According to Google - this shows up usually around 2/3 weeks and is caused by stimulation of babies oil glands due to an increase in hormones passed from the mother to baby at birth. I am so ready for this to be gone for him! Until then, we are washing his face a few times daily to try and help the situation.) 

Newborn eye goop
(I had noticed eye goop in Kingston's left eye 3 times since coming home from the hospital. I didn't know if this was 'sleep' like us adults get or what the cause of it is was. According to Google - This could be caused by a clogged tear duct and require massaging if it persists. Since I googled this, I haven't seen anymore goop.)

Damage to soft spot on back of babies head. 
(After feeding Kingston one night, I was getting up off the couch and bonked the back of his head on CT's knee. Of course, I freaked out and immediately started to google how tough the soft spots are, how damage is detected and what to look for if there is damage. According to Google - the babies soft spots aren't as delicate as we all think. The brain is covered by a thick membrane and it would take quite a bit of force to damage it. Thankfully, after talking with CT, he said it wasn't that hard of a bonk which made me feel less of a horrible mom.) 

I tell you what - being a mom is so amazing but so scary at the same time. This little human depends 100% on us for everything and it is our duty to make sure they are properly taken care of. I have a fear of noticing something and not taking the appropriate action, so that's why I turn to Google. I've learned to stay off the message board type questions and answers because those moms always post the worst case scenarios. As the time goes on, I'm sure I'll become more confident in my 'mama instincts' but until then I'll continue to turn to Google. 

Have you googled any of the same things as I have? 


  1. That is SO going to be me! Even just reading what you've googled makes me realize all I don't know!!

  2. I suggest looking up the Wonder Weeks. They are basically mental growth spurts where they learn a lot at once and may be fussier and off their normal sleep schedule. There's one at around 5 weeks I think, but the 8 week was worse for us. Just a heads up! (There is also an app you can buy that will go through when to expect them as well as what he will be learning).


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