Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Diaper Bag

I have come to the conclusion after countless hours of research - that the diaper bag is trickiest baby item to choose. There are SO many options for every single baby item: cribs, car seats, bottles, diaper bags, diapers  . . . but the diaper bag to me is essential in making the baby and mama's life so much easier. 

I have always been a girl that carries a huge purse. In that purse has always been my 10 different kinds of lip stuff, a huge Erin Condren planner, a extra notebook, a bag a pens, perfume, wallet . . . you get the picture = way too much! The bigger the bag the more I want to carry. I get shoulder pain just thinking about how much stuff is in there. 

I have decided that there is no way I can carry a huge tote, a diaper bag, and a carrier filled with a baby. Theres no way. So I have come to the painful conclusion that my diaper bag will be my purse - and I'll have a little wallet that I will take with me when I'm without Baby K. 

Diaper Bag Preferences
- something stylish
- something that can go on both shoulders to make things more comfortable
- something CT will feel comfortable carrying around 
- something that is durable
- something that can hold multiple stuffed cloth diapers (clean & dirty) 
- something gender neutral so I can hopefully use it for multiple babies

After a little research, these are some of my faves!

As you can see - most of these are designer bags. I hate spending that type of money on a bag - but if I'm going to use it 100% of the time and I'm having to give up my designer purses for it, I figure it's money well spent. Now I just have to get CT to think the same way!

I LOVE #1 and #4. 
Black is beautiful and timeless.
Plus, not that it matters, but it also matches our nursery theme: black/white/metallic. 

I'm just worry that #1 doesn't have enough room and that #4 will be a pain because it isn't a backpack that you can wear on both shoulders.
I need more mamas to do reviews on non-traditional diaper bags!

Do you have a diaper bag that you just love? 
Suggestions are always welcome! 

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  1. I suggest not breakin the bank yet finding a good quality one! I've had so many and I've never been 100% satisfied with it! I have loved the cocaloa couture brand though. I feel like no matter what bag I get it's never as organized as I want it to be, but the more kids you get, life happens! Good luck!

  2. I LOVE either one!! I like the pack-back bc you dont have to worry about something else to carry. That is why I also really love #3. But don't get me wrong I love mine and it is very similar to number 4 and I have plenty of pockets and space!!!

  3. really fashionable and loveable collection ..

    Designer Bags

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  5. I really liked this bag and its colour
    but I've purchased a big size for my wife.


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