Thursday, January 2, 2014

We've Been Naughty!

CT and I are so excited to announce to the the world wide web that (Lord willing) we will become parents this July! God has truly blessed us with the absolute most perfect gift at the absolute most perfect time. We were able to tell our immediate family at Thanksgiving and our extended family/ close friends at Christmas. It made the holidays that much more special!

If you don't already know, CT and I had been struggling with getting pregnant. Nothing was working. We decide to take proactive measures and we started seeing a specialist. After countless hours of hoping and dreaming, and lots of dollars spent it just wasn't working. At that time we choose to take a break and leave it up to God. 
Why didn't we do that from the beginning?... because I'm impatient. 
During our break from fertility treatments, the Lord decided to bless us. 
His time is never early and never late... it's always perfect! 

We are so excited to see where our journey leads. 
Of course, with this being a lifestyle blog - be prepared for all things baby!
 I've waited so long for this, my mind is exploding with ideas for decor, recipes, fashion ... everything!

PS - Now you know what added to my month long hiatus from the blog! How could I write about what was going on in life and leave this secret out?! 

 PSS- These announcements were 100% handmade! Photo taken by my sister at our annualpick out the Christmas tree day, edited online adding the working a and then ordered online at 


  1. AHHHHHH THIS IS AMAZING!!! So excited for you, sweet friend!

  2. Congrats!! I am so happy for you guys. My husband and I struggled with infertility and did 2 years of treatments before getting pregnant with my son and are now unable to get pregnant again. Infertility is such a horrible experience. I am so happy that you have been blessed with this gift. You will be amazing parents for all that you have gone through because you know what a miracle pregnancy and being parents is. I just found your blog and I am following now, I hope you will come check me out and follow me as well. I can't wait to follow your pregnancy and nursery and all that!

  3. Congratulations on your amazing blessing! Absolutely love your announcement :)


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