Monday, November 4, 2013

Not My Fave

I have never been a fan of Halloween. 

Why don't I like it? 

1.  Halloween is Jenna's birthday (the lil sis) and she has always LOVED it. She has always been more artistic and has always had better costumes than me. In our house it was always a day that she got the most attention. Maybe theres a tad bit of hidden jealousy here? Who knows. 

2. I don't like the thought of dressing up. And even more, I don't like the thought of spending tons of money on a costume that you'll only wear once. I find it embarrassing more than anything. Plus, most girls use Halloween as an excuse to dress super slutty for a night and has everyone come to expect this. Call me lame because I'm not a fan of publicly baring it all. 

 A borrowed costume from one of CT's students. 

A cute outfit with falsies, a trident, and devil horns. 
Can I get any more lame? 

3. I suck at carving pumpkins and that's why this year I tried bedazzling and painting them.
Mine was the #5 with stars.
 Again, how lame! 

It's just never been my thing, and I don't ever see it being my thing. Maybe one day when kids come in the picture, I'll let loose and get in the spirit. Until then, every year I'll be the grinch of Halloween!


  1. I totally agree with you on so many of these! I think it's a fun holiday for little kids but the older I get the more I'm not really interested in halloween!

  2. i am with you! i like it, but i never go all-out. it's mostly fun because it leads to the rest of the holidays! xo

    the well-traveled wife

  3. haha that's okay- not every holiday can be everyone's favorite!! :)


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