Monday, September 16, 2013

Football Filled Weekend

So, I'm just going to tell you this now - if you don't like football or sports in general, you should probably stop reading now and come back around May. With being and athlete, marrying an athlete, and having a husband that teaches and coaches our lives are jam packed with sports activities and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This weekend CT had his second football game of the year where they were unsuccessful in beating Benedictine College.  After his 6pm game, we busted it to KC in order to get plenty of beauty sleep for the following Sunday football game, Chiefs vs. Cowboys. 

This was the first time CT and I have really had a trip or vacation with our family since being married. We always go home and we get together for the holidays but we don't really do much outside of that. This was nice. 

You can tell from my outfit that I went the comfy casual look. It rained a bit while we were tailgating and at the beginning of the game so I'm glad I wore a light jacket. Also, knowing beforehand that those chiefs fans were intense, I didn't rep the navy star this weekend. CT got hackled enough for the both of us, but I still was in the color scheme: navy, white, and silver. 

We really had a good time besides the fact that we lost by a point. =(( 
Tony Romo sealed the deal with me yesterday. I'm really no longer a fan of his. His performance was extremely disappointing. You make 100 million dollars dude, show us why. 

Did your team have better luck then my team did yesterday? 

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  1. My Giants got their butts kicked yesterday. I'm feeling very queasy about the season. I like football, but I love baseball and I think my heart's going to be broken here this year. I try to be optimistic, but I don't see a Series ahead. Thanks for visiting Buttercup's.


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