Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend

I love the weekends! 
 Lounging. Cleaning. Sleeping in. Naps. Catching up on DVR. Loving on my husband and pupperz.

 Yesterday was most definitely a Friday. It was such a CRAZY busy day at work. I think it mostly was due to our cosmetic clinic director only having 3 more days left with us. I'm already feeling the repercussions of her leaving. I got triple the amount of emails that I normally do. Things are about to get even more crazy. All I can do is take one day at a time and continue to check in the meantime.   

Last night a group of us girls got together for a going away dinner + drinks and then they all came back to my apartment.
We went to Mikes Wine Dive.

It was the best meal I've had in a really long time. 
I got a fried egg sandwich, a spicy oyster appetizer, and some gourmet deviled eggs. I was going to get the smores for dessert but I was too stuffed by that time.
This is where CT and I will be going for my birthday dinner [in 19 days!] because it was so delicious.
Speaking of my birthday, we also got tickets to the circus! I can't wait. 
Welp, it's mothers day weekend! 
I hope ya'll did something special for your mom. My mom was able to come up to Wichita yesterday to be a training model for us at the clinic for injectables.
 One of the many perks of my job!! 
 In the last month she has got more then $1500 in free product. I'd say that's quite the mothers day gift. =)
My mom also brought to town my new buffet table. Now I'm just needing to go find some red chalk paint and get to work. 
There are so many apartment projects on the to do list.
1. paint buffet red
2. paint mantel white
3. add tile around bathroom mirror
4. paint bathroom
5. find a better fabric storage for hobby room
6. refinish kitchen table 
     Still on the agenda for the weekend: Wichita Wild football game, church, our nieces soccer game, and a dance recital


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