Monday, April 22, 2013

Crafting: A Taggie Blanket

This weekend I attended a co-workers shower, filled with lots of blue and lots of ducks! 

 Her theme for the babies room is very neutral:greys, white, and a few accent light blues. Her bedding she received was grey and white with chevron sheets. 

Shopping around at boutiques here in town, I kept coming across those cute taggie blankets. I don't really know the purpose of them, other than comfort and a little something to chew on, but I did know they looked simple enough that a beginning sewer like myself could make one! 

Step 1: Get the supplies. The minky is the key to this whole project. It is extremely soft and it's a must for this blanket! 

Step 2: Cut your fabric squares. I made this blanket 12x12 but I have seen them made all the way up to 15x15.

 Step 3: Cut your ribbon. I cut 3 different styles of ribbon 3" in length. I felt as though this length left plenty of ribbon on the outside of the blanket after it was sewn in.

Step 4: Pin the ribbons on the blanket facing inward the same distance apart. Remember, you sew everything inside out so when you turn it right side after you are done sewing, the stitching is nowhere to be seen.

Step 5: I did stitch a border on tip with a zig-zag stitch after this picture was taken. It made the blanket look a little more polished and put together.

I'm loving the finished product.
 So simple and so fun. 
I've got a lot of babies in my life these days, so I'm going to whip up a few more just for fun and practice.

What do you know, maybe I found another product for my up and coming etsy shop!
A girl can dream right?

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