Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 15

How far along: 15 Weeks
Food Comparison: Navel Orange
Gender: Next Monday we find out!! EEK!
Weight gain: +4 lbs
Maternity clothes: None yet. Scratch that - I purchased two super long fitted t-shirts from Target's maternity section so I can start wearing them with some leggings. I also looked for one of those belly bands, but of course they didn't have black. 
Stretch marks: No - still slathering up with my belly butter!
Belly button in or out: In with belly button ring. 
Sleep: Still always super itchy when I get into bed - but sleep has been better. It's nice not feeling like I have to go to bed at 7pm. Most days, I can make it till 9p or 10p. 
Best moment last week: Our monthly appointment - I love our OB. Plus we saw a KU win and I had a day off during the middle of the week! 
Worst moment last week: Car rides out of town. It's hard to get comfy - especially when you wear jeans, have to use the restroom every hour, and get tummy aches from bloatedness. 
Miss anything: Sleeping on my back. I never really thought I was a back sleeper - but I've realized how much I like it now that I can't do it.  
Movement: I think I'm starting to feel a few small movements - mostly when I'm laying flat before bed or crunched over in my work chair. I've always been super in tune with my body, and I think I am even more so now that I'm pregnant.   
Cravings: Nothing really - maybe Dr. Pepper. 
Go ahead and judge! Yes, I drink a can of soda every now and then.  
Queasy or sick: Nope! 
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender of Baby K so I can start shopping and planning more! I feel like I'm so behind because I haven't done anything other then by a rug, a few cloth diapers, and some onesies. I'm usually on top of things and it's freaking me out to be almost half way through this pregnancy with nothing completed! 
Prayer Request: This week as Baby K starts to form hair on their head and the ability to suck their thumb -- I pray that Baby K has a full head of dark brown hair. I was born bald and didn't get hair till I was over a year old so please take this trait from your daddy. I also pray that you Baby K is not a thumb sucker. I see what that does to children's teeth, and we can do so many more fun things then pay for braces. 

PS - look at this picture. They are twins and I'm already soo in love! 
That nose and those lips! 


  1. Oh man I never thought about the sleeping on my back thing--that'll be a challenge for me for sure when the time comes!! No judgement here on the dr pepper! Baby wants what baby wants!! Yay for finding out the sex soon!!!


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