Thursday, September 11, 2014

Favorite Fall TV Shows

I use to think that Spring was my favorite season and time of year. As I've gotten older and realized that with Spring comes tornadoes, something I'm deathly afraid of, (read more about my emergency bag here) Fall has easily become my favorite season. 

Fall sports. Fall weather. Fall fashion. Fall shows.
 I love them all.

I've always been a TV junkie but since getting DVR a few years back things have only gotten worse. It's too easy to record any and every show that tickles my fancy. I'm looking forward to the end of this month when some of my favorite shows return.

1. Scandal 
(Starting Sept. 25 - Thursdays)

A thriller/drama mixed with a high profile love affair and great fashion. If you aren't a gladiator and have yet to jump on the Oliva Pope bandwagon, I suggest you catch up on all previous seasons and be in front of the TV Sept. 25th at 9:00pm. This is one of those shows that I wish I could watch every night.
 It's that good. 

2. Grey's Anatomy 
(Starting Sept. 25 - Thursdays)

I have only watched the last few seasons but this is your typical hospital drama. Supply room romances where everyone has dated everyone. It's hard not to get hooked because there is always so much going on. Hopefully this season is as good as all the others without one of their best doctors, Christina Yang (Sandra Oh).  

3. Once Upon a Time 
(Starting Sept. 28 - Sundays)

CT makes fun of me for watching this one, but it hooked me from the beginning  It's all your story book characters on the big screen. The writer incorporates the fairytales we all know with some fresh new twists. I also heard the characters of Frozen are going to be on this season. Good call by writers since it's all the rave these days. 

4. Arrow 
(Starting Oct. 8 - Wednesdays)

This is a show about a billionaire hottie who was stranded on an island for years. He vowed to avenge his fathers wrong doings by coming back home to 'save his city'. He is the modern day Superman in Starling City.

5. Awkward 
(Starting Sept. 23 - Tuesdays)

This show is exactly that - awkward. High school romances, snotty girls and everyone trying to become popular. The humor in this one is what has me coming back.

I'm also really looking forward to the new premier of How To Get Away With Murder. It is written by the same lady (Shonda Rhimes) who writes Scandal and Greys - and will be on Thursdays also. She hasn't disappointed yet, so I'm sure this will be as big of a hit as the others. 

Looks like I might have to get a babysitter for Thursday nights so I can veg out in front of the TV. That or I'll just send Kingston to the bedroom with CT to watch some football. ;)

What are you favorite fall shows? 
Any I should add to my ever growing DVR list?

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