Monday, July 7, 2014

37 Weeks -- We Are Full Term!

How far along: 37 Weeks
Food Comparison: Swiss Chard
Weight gain: +23 lbs 
Maternity clothes: Some. It seems like I wear the same 5 outfits all the time. 
Stretch marks: Yeup. Inner thighs. Sides of booty. Under belly button. 
Belly button in or out: Outie
Sleep: I fall asleep really fast at night if I find the perfect spot - but after my first potty break things get difficult. And get this - our anniversary morning my lovely hubby at 12:02am ripped off the covers and was video taping me as he sang an annoying happy anniversary song - shaking his head back and forth like you can't get me. Needless to say - I chased him around the house wanting to hurt him. I might have shed a few tears and said I hated him. Who knows. All I know is sleep is hard to come by these days and it's so hard to get comfortable. He has not a clue what it's like! 
Best moment last week: Fingers crossed - finding our daycare provider and all the time off I had. I was able to get so much done around the house (EVERYTHING cleaned), family time, all our last minute shopping done for Kingston, and 2 puff play mats completed. 

Ombre one is ready to ship and for sale

Worst moment last week:  The whole sleep situation. And a lady at the pool asked when I was due and I said 3 weeks and get the response "Ya- I could tell it was look miserable." Like really lady? I don't feel miserable so I shouldn't look it. Some things you just don't say to preggos. 
Miss anything: Sleeping. Margaritas. Feeling 'normal'. 
Movement: Yes. He is definitely growing and rolling and jabbing. 
 Cravings: Nothing really. 
Queasy or sick: No. Just a sore achy body. 
Looking forward to: Holding our sweet baby boy. 
Labor Progression: NOTHING! I didn't really think there would be a lot of progression because I've only had the occasional (almost every night) contraction or two.  
Prayer Request: This week I pray a fast labor and delivery and the ability to breastfeed! I have so many friends pregnant and their babies have started to arrive. I know our time is soon and as much as I'm looking forward to our little man being here - I'm not looking forward to the unknown (the delivery). 

PS - Look at this sweet care package I got from one of my best friends. 
Just a little last minute 'me time' before our little man gets here! 


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