Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crafting: My Birthday List [Part 1]

Birthdays are hugely celebrated in our household [especially mine =) ].
My birthday is May 30, so obviously it is celebrated all month long! 
I know CT gets so tired of hearing me say "it's my birthday month and it's my birthday week".
He is such the trooper! 

Here are a few things I'm loving lately, just in time for my birthday to come around! 

1. Willow needs an Auto-Start 

We hardly drive her in the winter or summer because CT's car has an auto start and it's so much more convenient to get into an already cool/warm car!

2. Hair Extensions  

I have been following Bellami Hair on instagram, and I'm loving their look! I have pretty long hair but it's not very thick. I'd love some of their clip ins.

3. At Home Shellac Kit


I spend so much on manicure/pedicures - this would definitely be an investment that would pay off quickly! 

4. Michael Kors Hamilton Tote


Why does this bag have to be so expensive? $350! 
I try and justify this by thinking I'll have it my whole life! I just need to start saving my pennies now.

5. Clarisonic Mia 2


Since I started working at HW, my face routine has quadrupled in time. This is the last piece I need to complete the puzzle! 

After making this list I realize I have such expensive taste =/. 
I guess that's why birthdays only come around once a year! My husband couldn't afford to spoil me all the time. 

Keep an eye out, I will probably have a part 2 of this list at a later time!  


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