Saturday, August 24, 2013

If I Could Redo - [Flowers]

On Thursday I began a mini series on what I would change if I could redo my wedding with the help of Pinterest. I wasn't one of those lucky bride-to-be who had the help of Pinterest, so I currently have a board specifically for ideas if I could redo it! 

In part one I talked about attire, and today it is all about the flowers!

Part 2: Flowers

Real Life

Since I enjoy being different and not doing what everyone else does, I decided at the very beginning of the wedding process that I wanted everything to be feathers instead of flowers. Our bouquets would be feathers, the centerpieces would be feathers, and our flower girl would be a feather girl and throw feathers! 

We worked with Geri from Ardesign {who we found on Etsy} to come up with the perfect design, and I was so thrilled with how they came out! 

What I love most is their uniqueness, but also that I am still able to have mine at home in a pretty little vase that I'll be able to keep forever! 

If I Could Redo:

all via Pinterest

If I could redo I would love to have flowers that were unique and different like the ones above. I would have a bunch of different flowers in a wide variety of colors. My colors for my wedding were fuchsia and black with the pattern damask, but if I could redo I would I have multiple shades in the same color family. All three of these bouquets are absolutely gorgeous! 

I love how they use their greenery in the bouquets and succulents are SO popular on Pinterest right now! 

Do we have any of the same tastes? Feathers or flowers? 


  1. I still have my feather bouquet...and the one I caught!


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