Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kingston: 12 Months

Can't believe I already have a 1 year old!!!

As of 7.30.15
24 lbs
Blonde Hair
Hazel Eyes
5 Teeth

Clothes: 12-18 months.
Diapers: Size 5. We are also on the largest rise setting in cloth diapers but no change with the waist snaps.
Shoes: He wears some 4c hard soled shoes and in moccs he can still fit his 0-6 months or 6-12 months. 

Anything and everything. And if he sees someone else eating - he will sign please for your food.
He LOVES: bananas, M&M's, milk, grapes, gold fish, meat loaf, spaghetti, all drinks. 
He dislikes: soft baby food and some meats with weird textures. 

Since bottles are no longer allowed at daycare in the toddler room - I've stopped pumping at work and we've transitioned into Whole Milk in sippy cups. Kingston still nurses in the morning and before bed and I'm still trying the think of how we are going to break this habit. I know's it's going to be a tough one.

This month he has transitioned from 3 naps to 1 at daycare. He usually wakes up about 630a, naps from noon to 2-3 and then is in bed by 730p.  The first week of daycare was extremely brutal to say the least. We had a super grumpy baby that all he wanted to do was sleep. Now that he's in a routine - things are much better. 

He also now sleeps like a big boy on a floor mat.

Started crawling at 8.5 months, walking at 9.5 months and running (striding out) at 10.5 months.
He claps at the right moments.
He waves -- ALL the time and to everyone. 
Gives kisses and hugs. 
He high fives.
He turns off the lights.
He knows his name.
He signs more and please.
He has 5 teeth (two top, 3 bottom) - with a gap and an underbite. 
He now runs as much as he walks.
He throws balls with both hands and with pretty good form. 
Knows where your eyes and mouth are. 
Knows what a cow, monkey, pig and horse say.
He 'pounds it'. 
He knows how to work a cell phone better then a 1 year old should.
He does push ups and high knees. 
He dances better than I do. 

The TV remote.
All sports - in person or on tv. 
Bath time or being in the pool. 
Playing with balls.
Reading books - 'Dog wants to play.'
Music and DANCING to any and every beat. The whip nae nae calms him down immediately
Being outside. 
Women. Especially Asian women. And Aynslee.
Face timing his G-dub. 
Playing in the toilets and dog bowl.

Being in his carseat. 
Being told no - he growls back at us. 

Da-Da - all the time
Ma-Ma but will maybe say it once to every 300 Da-Das. 
Ky - Kyla. 
Teta - Tessa. 
Nana - for banana. 
M&M's - gibberish though.
Baloo - Balloon.
Tatha - Tasha his teacher. 
Gabi - girl in his class.

Lots of repeating!

Playing in the water.
Reading books. 
Throwing balls. 

Kingston's Aunt Kyla has moved in with us and he has such a good time playing with her, dancing with her and laughing with her. They takes lots of walks to the park and she is always playing dress up in his closet. 

We also celebrated Kingston's birthday this past month with a bunch of his friends and 10 different animals. He had such a good time walking around like a big boy - going from person to person, animal to animal without any help! The kid has no fear and it's scary. 

I can't believe a year has already came and went.
It's been the faster and best year of my life! 


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